5 Modern Gifts to Bring to the Next Baby Shower

By on October 19, 2014

Many newfangled gadgets have been invented over the last decade with the promise of making life easier for baby and mom alike. But with so much changing in technology, how do you know which will be the most useful? Here are five of the most fabulous, innovative baby shower gift ideas that aunties and grandmas-to-be can purchase for the next generation of moms.

Sound Machines

Establishing a healthy sleep routine is one of the most critical part of child rearing. For families who live with bursts of outside noises, or loud pets, sound machines can be a great part of a sleep routine to cue babies to sleep.

Reviews suggest finding machines with a variety of sounds including heartbeats and noises from the womb, nature’s soundscape like rain or waterfalls and simple lullabies and white noise. Look for additional features like a timer for shut-off (limiting the sounds the baby’s ears are exposed to overnight) and the ability to run on both an adapter or batteries for travel. Some of the best options include the Graco SweetSlumber sound machine, and Munchkin’s Nursery Projector.

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Sleep Blankets

The best baby cribs are ones with a cotton crib sheet and baby, with no stuffed animals, bumpers or blankets. Wearable sleep blankets were invented to keep babies bodies cozy and warm in this environment. Look for sleep sacks with a two-way zipper like the zzZipMe sleep sacks that zip up the front from the bottom, keeping baby warm during late night diaper changes. Wearable blankets are especially helpful once a baby transitions out of its newborn “startle reflex” swaddling stage, which can happen as early as at three months old.

SwaddleDesigns offers a variety of fabrics of cold-weather and warm-weather options, and even offers organic zzZipMe sleep sack options in colorful designs and prints—a perfect shower gift for any new mom.

Stroller Smartphone Holder

Who knew two decades ago that one day, moms would be strolling around with their babies and a handheld device that could tell them where the nearest breastfeeding-friendly store would be?

Consider getting a smartphone holder that allows moms to hook their iPhones or Android devices to the stroller handle, to let them keep the drink-holder free for a latte (decaffeinated, of course) and not stress about digging through their cavernous diaper bag to catch a phone call from you.

Baby Monitors

Gone are the days of dial-up phone calls to check in on slumbering babies from a neighbor’s house; gone are the days of straining to listen in on a baby’s whimpers from across the house. Welcome to the days of digital video monitors that can tilt, pan, zoom, talk-back to the baby’s room, and allow for clear viewing of the baby even in the dark.

BabyCenter has recommended the award-winning Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital Video Monitor and the Motorola Digital 2.8-inch Video Monitor as two of the best baby monitors on the market today.

Certificate to Tiny Prints

Birth announcements aren’t just for publishing in the local newspaper anymore! Specialized companies have popped up to let a mother create a customized photo card announcing the arrival of her beautiful baby to friends and family around the world. While these companies often run coupons for discounted orders, prices for birth announcements can run as much as $100 for 50 cards. Consider giving the expectant mother a gift certificate to Tiny Prints to help moms make a creative, unique birth announcements. Wrap the gift card in adorable baby clothing as an added surprise. She’ll be thankful for your thoughtful gesture.

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5 Modern Gifts to Bring to the Next Baby Shower