5 Best Social Media Websites and Blogs for Finding Great Recipes

By on October 1, 2014

By Kayla Matthews

The internet is a godsend to those of us who are always looking for new recipes to try out. While the days of bookmarking pages in dozens of recipe books certainly have their place, now every recipe you could ever want is just a few clicks away.

Despite the greater ease with which we can access a vast number of recipes, it can sometimes be overwhelming. With so many sites to choose from, it stands to reason some social media sites and blogs are going to have better content than others. We’ve chosen the 5 best social media sites and blogs for finding recipes so you can have confidence in the content you’re scrolling through.

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Please be sure to bookmark these websites, as you’re guaranteed to find memorable recipes you’ll want to prepare again and again.

1. Pinterest

Pinterest owes its entire existence to the ability to dazzle the viewer with high quality images of things like flowers, fashionable dresses and, most importantly…food.

People love using Pinterest to share recipes, and Pinterest is great for drawing visitors to food and recipe blogs. For many food-friendly websites, the Pinterest button and their recent “pins” can be found directly on their websites, which makes it easy to pass along great recipes on your own Pinterest page.

The combination of visual appeal and high shareability continues to make Pinterest one of the first and best places to go for finding all kinds of delicious entrées, desserts and snacks.

2. Epicurious

Some of the most exquisite recipes on the web can be found at Epicurious, and that’s not all! The site also has a must-visit restaurant guide, how-to videos, and even a community for food bloggers to come together and share recipes.

Yes, Epicurious is a trendy foodie destination, but it also seems to be a most inclusive webspace, geared towards all who share a common love of high quality eats.

3. Foodie

The name kind of says it all, doesn’t it?

This social network sort of looks like the love child of Pinterest and Epicurious, but make no mistake: Foodie is its own unique brand! The site features images of delicious food and links to various websites and blogs through which the recipes can be found. This is a great way for finding new food blogs and recommending them.

Foodie is also a great tool for finding and recommending new restaurants.

4. SkinnyTaste

On the lookout for yummy recipes but don’t want to sacrifice your waistline?

Check out the SkinnyTaste recipe blog. This site boasts hundreds of low-calorie recipes that are highly satisfying. You can eat well and avoid the traps of unhealthy food thanks to the suggestions provided by Gina Homolka.

5. AllRecipes

Aside from AllRecipes, what website can YOU think of that features tens of thousands of highly recommended recipes?

In addition to being the largest recipe site on the internet, AllRecipes might just be the best of the best.

It actually allows you to explore the website’s recipes by ingredient. This pretty much eliminates any excuse for not knowing what to do with holiday leftovers. Just type the items into the search engine and your meals are covered!

With these five social media sites and blogs, it will be virtually impossible to walk away without a single recipe that you enjoy. These popular and useful destinations will take care of your breakfasts, lunches and dinners. You’ll be set for the holidays, and if you’re a highly social individual, you’ll be the go-to source for your friends to find all the newest food trends.

Remember: Half the fun in finding new recipes is putting your own unique twist on the final product. Don’t be afraid to adjust the suggestions to your liking and share your results in the provided comment sections.

Who knows? Just as these sites and the recipes shared inspire you, your adjustment could help inspire someone else!

What is your favorite website on which to find recipes? You can tell me in the comments section below!

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5 Best Social Media Websites and Blogs for Finding Great Recipes