5 Benefits of Lasik Surgery

By on March 21, 2016
5 Benefits of Lasik Surgery

Traditionally, people have used glasses and contacts to restore their vision. However, today more and more people are opting for LASIK eye surgery to correct their vision. Lasik surgery may eliminate or reduce the need for corrective lenses. However, as you would for any medical procedure or surgery, it is important to find a professional that you are comfortable with. If you live in the Michigan area you can check out LASIK in Michigan. Below are 5 benefits of having Lasik eye surgery:

1. Improved Vision

The main reason the procedure has become so popular is due to the fact that it is highly effective. Nearly 95% of all patients who have this procedure have an uncorrected visual acuity of 20/40, while nearly 85% achieve 20/20 vision or better. For people who have struggled for years with their vision, getting results like this can be life changing. When meeting with the eye professional performing this type of surgery, you will need to ask questions regarding recovery time and what you can expect in the weeks and months after the surgery.

2. Get Long-Lasting Results

In most cases, there will be a three month period of stabilization after the Lasik surgery while the eyes adjust to the changes following the procedure. Once this period has passed, you will be able to enjoy the permanent results from this surgery. Not having to worry about ordering new glasses and contacts on a regular basis will save you money and time. Results from this surgery can be diminished due to aging and various types of eye diseases.

3. Fast Recovery and Results

Most people have the misconception that it takes days or even weeks to recover from this surgery, but this is not the case. Usually, a person will be able to return to their routine the day after they have their Lasik procedure. You may have some limitations if you are returning to work in a place that has a lot of dust or dirt. A large amount of dust and dirt in the air around you can cause a lot of eye irritations. Be sure to speak with the eye care professional performing the surgery to get some guidance regarding what to do and not to do during the recovery process. Neglecting to get this type of advice can lead to complications.

4. Avoid Buying Contacts and Glasses

Buying new eyewear on a yearly basis can become quite expensive. Some people look at the price of a Lasik procedure and think it is far too expensive. Considering the time and money this surgery can save you over a lifetime, many people find it’s a better option in the long run. Most estimates put the cost of contacts per year at nearly $450. Whereas, the cost of Lasik surgery today will cost around $1500 an eye. Adding up the cost of contacts over a lifetime compared to the cost of the Lasik surgery makes it a good deal.

5. A Couple of Unexpected Benefits

An unexpected benefit that a variety of patients have experienced with the Lasik surgery is a reduction in their allergy symptoms. Most of them attribute this to the reduction in pressure on their nose without their glasses. Without the glasses pushing down on the bridge of the nose, you will be able to breathe better. A number of Lasik patients have also reported that they can see much better while driving at night. Not having the lights reflecting off of the lenses of your glasses at night make it easier to see. For people who wear contacts, having dryness can make their vision blurry when driving at night. Getting rid of these factors with Lasik surgery is just one of the many reasons why this procedure is beneficial.

The investment to have the procedure done may well be worth it based on the long-term benefits. Scheduling a consultation with an eye care professional like Oakland Eye Surgery is a great way to determine if you are a good candidate and to learn more about the procedure.

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5 Benefits of Lasik Surgery