4 Ways You Can Use the Internet to Maintain Independence

By on October 26, 2014

It goes without saying that the Internet is an amazing resource. From providing us with dozens of news sources and ways to shop to helping us stay in touch with our families, it is really an incredible tool.

If you are approaching your retirement years, the Internet can also be a great tool to help you maintain your independence. Consider the following four examples:

Online Driving Courses

As you get older, you might understandably be concerned about your driving ability. Fortunately, the American Automobile Association offers a senior defensive driving program that you can take right from the comfort of home. The online course teaches people about the most common age-related changes in driving, as well as how to adapt to them. As a bonus, you might even qualify for a discount on your vehicle insurance once you have finished the class.

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Online Bill Pay

If you are finding it harder to stay on top of your pile of bills each month, enrolling in online bill pay can be a terrific way to make sure your electric, water and garbage bills are paid on time. Most services will alert you when a deadline is approaching, and many can be set up to pay a bill automatically. You can either set up bill pay through your bank or you can visit the websites of your electric, cable and gas companies and arrange for automated payments through each company. No matter how you decide to pay your bills online, you’ll find you are not only saving money on stamps and envelopes, but you are also getting invaluable peace of mind knowing your monthly bills will be paid on time.

Identity Theft Protection

To avoid any possible issues with identity theft, you might consider signing up for an online protection plan that will help to make sure your personal data and other information are not being used for nefarious purposes. For example, LifeLock offers an innovative five-point protection plan that includes credit monitoring, scanning the Internet for possible threats and helping to fix any issues that might arise. As more business is conducted over the Internet, having an identity theft plan in place is a proactive way to help make sure your good name is protected.

Online Grocery Stores

Buying groceries online is an extremely convenient option that can save both time and money, InsideTechnology360 notes. If you are concerned that getting to the store might become more difficult as you grow older, many local stores and major online retailers offer scores of products that can be delivered right to your door. This option can be especially handy if you live a great distance from the closest grocery store or if you are dealing with a mobility issue that makes it hard to push a heavy cart filled with food.

Look up your favorite local grocery stores online and see if they offer an online shopping option. If they do, you’ll typically shop for what you need right from your computer, selecting the things you want and placing them in a virtual shopping cart. After paying for your groceries, you’ll select when and where your items will be delivered. Even if you enjoy getting out to the grocery store, it’s nice to know that online shopping is an option for busy weeks, or for when you are feeling under the weather.

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4 Ways You Can Use the Internet to Maintain Independence