4 Ways to Up Your Style Game in Your 50s, 60s and 70s

By on February 2, 2017
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Just because you’re no longer in your thirties and forties, doesn’t mean that you can’t turn heads with your fashion choices. After all, Monica Bellucci, who recently starred as a Bond girl, is in her 50s and has never looked better and Dame Helen Mirren whose in her 70s often wins best-dressed awards for her red carpet looks. Beating out starlets half her age. To discover how to take your everyday outfits to the next level, simply continue reading.

Purchase a “go-to” dress that makes you feel drop dead beautiful

Every woman needs a “go-to” dress in her wardrobe that makes her feel drop-dead beautiful. Make sure to choose a dress that accentuates your favorite body parts. As an example, whilst you may no longer feel comfortable in a glitzy mini dress, you may feel confident in a black, wrap-style dress that accentuates your narrow waist. Or you may feel gorgeous in an easy-breezy, shift style, floral dress. Once you’ve found the perfect dress, don’t save it for special occasions, instead wear it out to lunch with friends or on your next date night.

Possum-Merino-Silk_GlovesInvest luxurious accessories such as a brand-new pair of possum merino silk gloves

One fun way to add a little extra style to your everyday outfits is to stock up on luxurious accessories. As an example, if you’re looking for a fashionable way to keep warm during winter, you may be interested in purchasing a bright pair of possum merino silk gloves. Possum merino silk gloves are incredibly soft as well as stylish.

fall scents for your home

Turn heads with a bold matte lipstick, which will stay in place, all day long

An easy way to turn heads and to attract compliments, at any age, is to purchase a matte lipstick, in a bold shade. As an example, Proud Flesh has recently taken the beauty world by storm as they have released a collection of matte lipsticks which will stay in place, all day long. Even after eating greasy food or kissing your husband good night. Better yet, Tina Knowles’ Beyoncé’s stylish mother is a huge fan of Beauty Bakerie.

Invest in a classic designer handbag, that you’ll use daily

Whilst in your youth you may have spent several paychecks purchasing cheap handbags, once you reach your fifties and have a higher disposable income, it’s well worth purchasing a classic handbag, that you’ll use every day. You can’t go wrong opting for a classic brown leather bag or splashing out on a Louis Vuitton Neverfull. After all, who has the time of energy to spend shifting your everyday items such as your purse, house keys, and smartphone from one handbag to another. 

Louis-Voitton Neverfull

Louis-Vuitton Neverfull

So what are you waiting for? You’ll never be as young as you are today, so it’s well worth splurging on a few new pieces that will add a little extra style to your wardrobe.

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4 Ways to Up Your Style Game in Your 50s, 60s and 70s