4 Tips to Keep In Mind While Choosing a Respite Care Home

By on July 21, 2020
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If you are thinking of going to a respite care home, then you need to keep in mind that it is a big commitment. When it comes to choosing a respite care home, you need to keep your needs in mind and then proceed accordingly. You must go through as many options as possible so you will be able to compare a good amount of care homes and can choose the best option for yourself. You can try approaching them directly and can ask your questions in person as well. Below I have mentioned a few tips that can help you choose the right respite care home for, let’s have a look:


When you are choosing a home, you should begin by judging its reputation and general services. Find if they have a good name in the industry or not and ask the residents for a review. You must also inquire about their CQC (Care Quality Commission) inspection report and must find out whether they are registered to provide the level of care they are promising. Also, find out for how long has that respite care home been serving people and do they meet your cultural and religious needs as well.


The second thing you need to keep in mind is the location of the care home. You don’t want to choose a respite care home where your relatives will find it difficult to visit you. Also, you might want to go out often to meet with your friends, so it is better to choose the one that is near to your home town. Try to find the best care home in your vicinity, and even if it is a little far, make sure that people can easily get there via public transport.

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First Impression Matters

They say the first impression is the last one, and it is quite true in most cases. When you visit the care home for the first time, observe the building, and see if it is well maintained or not. Then when you approach the reception, pay close attention to how friendly and welcoming the receptionist is. Also, sharpen your sense of smell and make sure that the place doesn’t smell bad. Then take the tour of the house and see how clean it is and how people are moving around. Try engaging in conversation with a staff member and find out if they are friendly or not.

Accommodation and Facilities

You cannot choose the respite care home without judging the facilities it is providing and the quality of the accommodation. Take a tour of the rooms they are offering and observe whether they are clean or not, and are they comfortable. Will they allow you to bring your own things or they don’t allow that. Also, check out the facilities they are providing. Do they have a library and computers which you can use? Or you will have to manage that on your own. Make a list of facilities you will be needing and compare it with the one the care home is offering.

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4 Tips to Keep In Mind While Choosing a Respite Care Home