30 Blogs with Spa Treatments You Can Do on a Dime at Home

By on December 16, 2012

Everyone deserves a little pampering now and then, but going to a spa can be quite expensive. If running to the local spa isn’t in your budget, you might want to try some at-home spa treatmentsinstead. These 30 bloggers have come up with some inexpensive yet decadent ways to recreate spa treatments for less, and they can all be done in the comfort of your own home.

Bath Salts

Create your own bath salts by following the directions of these five bloggers. Enjoy soaking in the tub and take advantage of some relaxing time for you.

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Putting together homemade scrubs can save you a ton of money, and you’ll still get gorgeous, glowing skin. Recipes on how to mix up your own scrub can be found on the following five blog entries.

Facial Masks

Different homemade facial mask blends can help a variety of skin types achieve clear skin. You are free to create a facial mask that will be perfect for your skin without having to spend a lot for a commercial mask. Check out these five blog posts.

Bath Oils

Imagine soaking in a tub of hot water, with the aroma relaxing you as you sink deeper into the water. You may think that you have to buy bath oils to enjoy this type of aromatherapy, but you don’t. Now you can mix and match your oils to create the perfect signature fragrance for you, and all you need to learn how to create your own bath oils is the help of these blog posts.

Facial Cleansers

Many over the counter products contain unnatural preservatives that can react negatively with some people’s skin. To save money and use only ingredients that you are comfortable with you can make your own facial cleanser. These five blog entries will explain how to do it.

Foot Treatments

How would you like to have a cure for those tired feet of yours? Make your own foot treatments to help revive your tired and rough feet so that they feel good as new with help from these five blog posts.


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30 Blogs with Spa Treatments You Can Do on a Dime at Home