30 Blogs Detailing How to Create Your Own Backyard Herb Garden

By on April 16, 2013

If you frequently cook with fresh herbs, you are probably well aware of how expensive it is to buy them at the grocery store. To save money and have a little fun at the same time, you can create your own herb garden right at home. Learn how to start your herbs from seed, plant the herbs in a windowsill garden, plant a container garden outside or create an herb garden in the ground. These 30 blog entries will help you with every step in your herb garden adventure.

Starting from Seed

When you begin considering planting an herb garden, you probably wonder where you should start. Depending on the time of year, you may want to start at the beginning with the humble seed. Herb seeds are inexpensive and a packet of seeds can last you for several years. Keep in mind that you will need to plant more than you actually need, but you by no means need to plant the whole packet. To make it easy on yourself, you could buy a kit. Once the seeds are planted you can place them in a sunny window. However, if you’d like to do all the legwork, you can use flats that are designed to start seeds and professional planting mix. Then you might want to invest in some extra fluorescent lights to put the plants under, just in case you don’t have enough room in front of your window. No matter which way you’d like to go you can find the details on how to get started in these six blog posts.

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Windowsill Garden

Creating an herb garden on your windowsill is a way that you can start out small without a large monetary investment or a lot of space. Herbs don’t automatically die off during the winter, so you will be able to continue using the herbs that are growing in your windowsill nearly all year round. Sometimes the herb doesn’t continue to flourish, so by mid-winter you may have to re-plant. Feel free to use almost any container to grow your herbs in, like the baby food jars mentioned in one of the next six blog articles.

Container Garden

If you’d like to go bigger than a small windowsill herb garden, but don’t have a large enough yard, you can plant your herbs in a container. Containers vary in size, and you may even consider using unusual containers, like the hanging shoe organizer that’s mentioned in one of the following blog entries. Make sure that the herbs grow well together if you are planting them in the same container. Some herbs are very invasive and will choke other plants out if grown in the same container. Mint is one such herb, and it’s so invasive that you wouldn’t want to plant it in your garden even if you had one because it would take over everything if given the chance. For more details on planting herbs in containers, take a look at these six blog entries.

Garden Plans

Deciding to plant an herb garden isn’t as simple as just rushing out to the greenhouse, buying some herbs and throwing them in the garden. Even if that works initially, your herbs won’t continue to flourish as they grow bigger. If you don’t want to have to tear everything out and start over, you should create a plan for your herb garden. Check out some interesting design plans for herb gardens in these six blog posts.

Planting an Herb Garden

Once you decide that you want to plant your herb garden outside and you know where and how you would like it to look, you’re almost ready to get started. These blog articles will explain how to prepare the soil before you plant your first plant. Whether you started your plants from seed inside or you bought some bigger plants at the local greenhouse, you should definitely read these six blog entries before you start planting to avoid some common mistakes.


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30 Blogs Detailing How to Create Your Own Backyard Herb Garden