3 Tips for Affordable Business Catering

Business catering

Whether in the midst of tough economic times or positive ones, businesses of all kinds need to watch how they allocate their resources. Certain types of spending sometimes end up being cut out entirely because of a lack of understanding about how they can be controlled. Many companies regularly host events, for instance, for which business catering services are a natural fit. Some businesses skip out on such opportunities because decision-makers feel that they would be overly expensive or indulgent.

In reality, there are some effective ways to keep the cost of catering down without ever seeming anything but professional. The following three strategies can be used to arrange for high-quality catering for any business without breaking the bank.

  1. Look for Package Deals

People charged with arranging catering for business-related functions sometimes make the mistake of specifying every last detail. It might seem as if only such a highly controlling, precise approach could possibly ensure an appropriate type of catering for a demanding business.

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Caterers who work regularly with businesses develop ways of anticipating and accommodating all their needs. In many cases, they put together packages that provide everything required for highly professional, impressive catering service.

Choosing a package like one of those listed at villarussocatering.com will always make things simpler. The time saved by going this route should rightly be counted against the cost of the alternatives itself.

Packages also allow catering companies to charge lower prices than if they were providing all the components on demand and as ordered. A set package will streamline operations, cutting down on labor costs, and allow a caterer to work with more confidence.

That translates into financial savings for businesses that opt for this type of service. In the vast majority of cases, a well-designed catering package will suit a business function at least as well as a customized order.

  1. Opt for a Less Costly Style of Service

Just like restaurants, caterers work tirelessly to keep their food costs down. Even caterers that run especially efficient operations, though, frequently spend just as much or more on labor.

The type of service a catered event features can impact its cost even more than the style of food. Even when a certain general kind of service has been chosen, there will often be ways to cut costs without appearing to do so.

Some corporate functions with assigned seating, for instance, end up with inflated costs because of servers, bussers, and others who are not really needed. Talk with a caterer about ways of cutting labor costs, and it will often become clear that there are some uncompromising options.

  1. Choose a Different Type of Food

Serving USDA Prime-grade steaks to a room full of executives might be the only realistic option. It is often possible to save money on catered meals without looking like a business that cannot afford better, though.

In fact, many particularly popular and appealing types of food are significantly less costly than the average. Many people today enjoy Southeast Asian cooking, for instance, that often includes large amounts of inexpensive ingredients like noodles or rice.

Opting for an entirely different style of food can cut the cost of catering at a stroke. While event planners do not always have much leeway, decision-makers often prove more flexible than expected, especially when the savings to be enjoyed are made clear.

Any of these three tactics can be used to make corporate catering less expensive. In some cases, it will even be possible to use two or more of these tips to make catering still more affordable.

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3 Tips for Affordable Business Catering
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