3 Safe Alternatives to Weeds Killers

By on December 6, 2019

Weeds are everywhere, but they can be particularly disastrous for your garden as they prevent other things from growing. Women over 50 may feel that they are constantly at war with their garden, removing weeds only for several more to pop up. Having an effective way to get rid of weeds can save you time and energy and improve the overall health in your garden. 

Standard weed killers can be very effective in getting rid of weeds and stopping them from growing. But you should also consider the effect they might have on other things which are growing in your garden. And, most importantly, any adverse effects they could have on your health and the health of your family. Weed killers are usually full of chemicals, some of which can be harmful. One brand, in particular, Roundup, has been found to be carcinogens and has resulted in people pursuing a roundup lawsuit, in which many have been successful. Traditional weed killers can also be harmful to your pets or any other wildlife which finds itself in your garden. 

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Therefore, here are some safe alternatives for battling those pesky weeds! 

Thermal control

Believe it or not, steam can be an effective weed killer. There are different types of thermal weed control that use different types of heat to kill off weeds. Some options you will come across are fire, steam, air, and water. The great thing about this is that most seeds will also be killed in the process. 

When you remove weeds by hand, you create a space for warmth and sunlight to reach the seeds, which means you often end up with more than before. This organic method will get to the roots of your problem. 

Electric shock weed control

This involves targeting weeds with electric shocks, and many are claiming that it could become the ultimate weed killer, especially for farms. Although this idea has been around for a long time, we are only just starting to properly explore the idea. This is because of growing concerns about traditional weed killers. Unlike many chemical weed killers, this is not affected by upcoming rain. It will kill the crop without disturbing the soil, which encourages new weeds to grow. This is a new concept and products which are suitable for your garden are only just becoming available. 

Organic alternatives 

Increasingly, organic alternatives are becoming available. They contain various oils, lemon, or vinegar. Household products may not be enough, but these concentrated products can be effective in getting rid of weeds. Be aware, high concentrations of these ingredients can still cause irritation to the skin, so while they should be safe, you should still treat them with caution. 

Pet owners would also read up on essential oils and be sure not to use anything that may be harmful to their pets. Beware of some essential oils can be fatal to cats and dogs. They are a cheaper and more accessible alternative to thermal or electric products. However, they are often less effective. While they may get rid of the green part of the plant, they are unlikely to affect the roots or the seeds. 

So there you have it – having an effective way to get rid of weeds can save you a lot of time and energy and really improve the overall health in your garden. Knowing the best options available to you can save you a lot of frustration and help you to enjoy your garden once again.


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3 Safe Alternatives to Weeds Killers