3 Ingredients to Get Rid of Bloat


Water retention and bloating are probably some of the most common annoyances of women in our community, right behind belly fat. It may come as no surprise that the solution to ALL of them is the same. Consume more of the right food ingredients and less of the wrong ones. Decrease stress – which can be a little tricky right now. Still, more of the right foods can help your resilience too.

Simple. And hard. Because the rules have changed. Thanks to hormones potentially your gut isn’t happy with the same foods you’ve been eating for years. It shows up in bloating. You’re potentially not absorbing all of the good micronutrients you’re eating. Your liver may be sluggish because it’s been overworked. That slows your metabolism. There’s a domino effect.

Look for recipes that contain the following ingredients

  • Cucumber
  • Celery
  • Green apple

Here’s 3 more that you can easily add to your diet

  • Tumeric (I love a little product called Superfood Turmeric Tonic)
  • Ginger (fresh grated is best)
  • Green tea – use iced green tea as the liquid in your smoothie or add matcha (just be sure it’s truly organic and it’s quadruple-screened for no pesticides, heavy metals, or mold)

They each help in a unique way to decrease inflammation, increase antioxidants and therefore boost your immune system. A boosted immune system will also increase your metabolism. Plus, you’ll experience a natural diuretic from green tea (powdered green tea leaves = 8-10 cups of tea)

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And though I almost ALWAYS add fiber, there are times I suggest you leave it out.

If you’ve been adding fiber and you’re still bloated, you may be feeding the “bad” bacteria in your gut or have another issue you want to address (SIBO). Plus, if you’re an overachiever and you jump from 15 grams a day of fiber to 30 – big mistake! Your body won’t like that shock.

Your body may be begging for a break!

I periodically go through a step-by-step “detox” process myself and with clients to cleanse the liver and ease digestion if there are signs your good health habits aren’t working for as well as they should. Skin issues or bloating I can’t explain, or December? I do a natural detox.

Serious about eliminating bloat? Want a step-by-step?

Whether it’s your hormones creating belly bloat or changed eating habits from these recent weeks, you need a plan. Not one based on deprivation, but on the riches of plenty of good food that is satisfying (and no crazy ingredients or complicated recipes).

Right now if you’re seeking some structure (which I think gives us freedom!) and a way to feel in control of something and make a positive out of this time – this may be a good time. You’re not as tempted by social situations, travel, or eating out. It will be easier to stick to even if you have others in the house.

Psst… You will do a lot of smoothies on this planSo if you’re opposed to using protein powder to simplify and support easy digestion and give your liver a break without losing muscle, this is not for you. On the other hand, if you love simplicity and eliminating decisions during this crazy time? Bingo. Closes soon.

Use Code: Foodflip50 and be my guest for a special 50% off PLUS 2 additional weeks of support beyond the program so you are clear how to continue after.

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3 Ingredients to Get Rid of Bloat
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