3 Areas Where You Can Stand to Improve Your Focus

By on January 7, 2021

These days, none of us has a perfect focus on anything. When the specter of coronavirus is hanging over everything, everywhere, all the time, we are going to be a little distracted. Every time we feel a shortness of breath, we are going to wonder if it is COVID, or if it is that 5 miles we just ran. Hint: It is probably the 5 miles.

You may have also noticed that the U. S. is in a particularly unusual state of political unrest and upheaval. That is going to take a while to completely settle down. In the meantime, tensions are very high, and ordinary situations can transition from mundane to volatile without notice. For some time to come, everyone is going to be a little twitchy.

All of this combines to leave us looking over our shoulders and wondering what might be coming next. That is coupled with uncertain unemployment benefits that are woefully backlogged and eviction protection that has already run out. Wondering when the eviction papers will be served is a huge source of distraction.

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We know the challenges. But that doesn’t mean that we can make excuses for not focusing when it is necessary. Here are a few of the areas where quite a bit more focus is in order:

Focus on Work

Most companies were against unleashing work from home options until the coronavirus. Now, they have no choice. And it has worked out pretty well. But that option will disappear if productivity falls behind. Workers have to redouble their commitment to productivity and regain focus on the job.

Don’t just slump in a folding chair behind a rickety card table with a few pamphlets scattered about. No one will come to your booth. Instead, straighten that tie. Shine those shoes. Straighten up that marketing material. And get a 10 x 20 canopy tent customized with the company name, logo, and colors that help people recognize you as a serious player in the space.

We all have to get out of the sweat pants mentality. Even if you are working from home, you should put on business clothes and focus more on your mind on doing business instead of playing with your cat. Kick her out of the room. Close the door. And get back down to business.

Focus on Health

It is very easy to lose focus when it comes to health during the best of times. In times like these, it feels quite impossible. But that is no excuse, if we want to survive these trying times, we have to learn to eliminate distractions during home workouts, meal prep, and everything else relating to our health.

If the only exercise you get is walking the dog, don’t just declare that it is too dangerous to go on long, unnecessary walks. It is not unnecessary. It is your health. The best way to increase your chances of surviving COVID short of the vaccine is to be as healthy as possible. So get a map. Find a place that is relatively free from people. Double mask. And focus on getting fit. These days, good health is literally a matter of life and death. Choose life. Focus.

Focus on What Matters Most

For some, spending more time with family is what matters the most. For others, it is finally finishing that book they always wanted to write. For still others, it is finding the source of spiritual contentment. There is no one thing for everyone. You have to discover what that is for you.

If there is one thing that we learned from 2020, it is that life is short and we do not actually have all the time in the world to do the things we have been putting off. We don’t have to die horribly to have our plans cut short. We might suddenly find ourselves on the wrong side of unemployment with all our time going to figuring out how to get food on the table. The swing from prince to pauper is blindingly fast. Figure out what is important to you and focus on it like there is no tomorrow.

We can be forgiven for being more than a little distracted lately. But it is time to snap to it by focusing on work, focusing on health, and focusing on what is really important. Let 2021 be the year we defeat the distractions that keep us from being our best selves.

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3 Areas Where You Can Stand to Improve Your Focus