14 Reliable Ways to Make Money from Home

By on March 7, 2013

More and more people are looking for ways to work from home to avoid commuting to an office, having to pay for daycare or having to relocate to find a better employment climate. With the job market and economy still struggling to rebound, people are more inclined to hold less traditional positions. This has resulted in more people getting business savvy and making a decent living to boot. These are just a small sampling of the things you can do to make money from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

  • Open an Online Boutique – If you’re the creative type, take those skills online. You can purchase a domain and start your own online boutique, or you can take advantage of artisan sites like Etsy to sell your handmade products.
  • Hold a Virtual Garage Sale – Instead of waiting until garage sale season, try posting your items on an online classifieds site. You may receive more for your items than you would have had you placed them on your lawn with a “for sale” sign, and you’ll avoid the stressors of trying to organize everything for a two day event.
  • Become a Babysitter – Daycare costs can be outrageous, especially in metropolitan and suburban areas. Be sure to check with your city’s regulations and that you adhere to all of the relevant tax laws, but you could work out a deal with a neighbor or a best friend looking for a cheaper, more trustworthy daycare option if you have proven childcare experience.
  • Run a Doggy Daycare – It seems that more people are looking into daycare options for their pets. Consider starting a doggy daycare for friends or neighbors if you are home during the day and have pooch-safe living quarters. If you have small children, consider their safety before agreeing to take on an aggressive breed of dog.
  • E-Tutor – If you have teaching experience, signing up as an online tutor may suit your at-home lifestyle and utilize your existing skill set. You will need to set up an online profile with a tutoring website, which will include details of your experience, the subjects you are able to tutor, your time availability and your expected rates.
  • Become an Expert Witness – If you possess a level of expertise in a particular field, becoming an expert witness for lawsuits may be an option for you to make money from home. Expert witnesses may review documents or appear in court for hourly fees. Submit your resume or CV to online expert directory services.
  • Work as a Virtual Call Center Agent – Some business opt for home-based virtual call center agents. Virtual call center agents provide support and assistance to the business’ customers via the telephone. These kinds of agents are typically paid an hourly wage. They may be independent contractors or be hired on as actual corporate staff. If hired as a direct employee, they will be required to follow all company policies. Regardless of whether you are a member of the staff or an independent contractor, high-speed Internet and a land-line dedicated to the service are required.
  • Become a Freelance Writer – Online freelance writing entails creating articles for a variety of websites. A freelance writer will research a particular subject or use their own expertise to generate enticing articles for a wide range of readers. Freelance writers are typically paid on a per-article basis.
  • Edit Copy from Home – Media websites that utilize online freelance writers may also hire freelance copy editors. Editors proofread and edit articles prior to publishing. Freelance editors are also generally paid on a per-article basis. Typically, sites that use online freelance editors look for copy editors with several years of experience.
  • Self-Publish Books – There are a number of electronic tablets on the market that allow you to read paperless books. If you love to write fiction, looking into the self-publishing options for eBooks can help you generate both buzz and income.
  • Make and Sell Apps – The appeal of smartphones and tablets lies largely in the wide range of apps available to increase their functionality. If you have time on your hands and the gusto to learn about developing apps online, you can spend your days building the new “it” app.
  • Peddle Your Tailoring Skills – If you’ve got a thimble for a thumb, do at home alterations. Advertise your services on social media websites and by word of mouth. Set your appointment hours and have your clients come to you.
  • Sell Your Old Books! – Believe it or not, there are people out there that make a full-time living off of selling old and used books. You can peruse estate sales, tossed library books or your own book shelves for books to sell online. You can even start a book drop-off at your home for locals to drop off unwanted leisure, self-help or textbooks.
  • Train as a Medical Transcriptionist – Put your listening and typing skills to work. Most doctors use an auto-dictation system to record their notes on a specific patient. These audio notes need to be transcribed for the patient’s medical records. To become a medical transcriptionist you will need to take a short-term course to learn the proper equipment and medical terminology. Courses range from 9 – 18 months and financial aid may help you pay for tuition. If you have previously worked in the medical field, you will have a leg up on others just breaking into the field.

The possibilities for starting an at-home business are almost endless. Whatever endeavor you choose, be sure to research the company or proposed line of business to avoid falling victim to scams. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Never give out personal information without a secure site and make sure you’re watching your own back by understanding rules and regulations of your county, city or state. Also be sure to consult with an accountant on the proper ways to handle your taxes for your work-from-home business enterprise.


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14 Reliable Ways to Make Money from Home