10 iPhone Apps With Help For Cleaning Your House

By on January 14, 2013

In today’s busy, always-connected world, few mobile devices are as popular or as powerful as Apple’s iPhone. It’s no secret that the iPhone can help you streamline your professional life, boosting productivity and maximizing your efficiency as you work. In addition, there are also a wide variety of apps in the App Store designed to help you bring the same efficiency and productivity to your personal life, helping you complete some of the more boring tasks that need to be done, like getting your house clean and organized. These 10 apps are great offerings for those iPhone owners that need a bit of motivation cleaning up or some extra help organizing a cleaning to-do list.

  1. Useful Cleaning Tips – Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned house-cleaning pro, you could always use a few time-saving tips for how to clean your house faster and more effectively. That’s where this $0.99 app comes in handy, breaking down a variety of cleaning tips into dedicated categories and helping you learn new ways to complete your cleaning chore list in less time.
  2. Cleaning Manual – Keep your carpets free of unsightly stains, learn how to manage your laundry in a manner that results in clean clothes that last longer, and eliminate some stress, all with the help of this free app that’s filled with advice and instructions for removing stains and caring for your clothing.
  3. Rumgr – In order to maintain a clean and orderly home, you’ll need to clear out clutter and get rid of items you no longer need from time to time. This free app helps you do just that. Take a picture of something you want to sell, set the price, and then wait for buyers to contact you. You can even create a circle of preferred friends to buy, sell and trade with, eliminating some of the more anonymous aspects of working with local online classifieds sites.
  4. Good Housekeeping @Home – Good Housekeeping has been a trusted source of home management tips for decades. Now, this venerable name is attached to an iPhone app that will help you learn the best ways to remove stains, manage household cleaning tasks, and even view inspiration photos for home decorating. The News and Tips feature brings Good Housekeeping articles and advice straight to your iPhone, keeping you informed about the best methods for managing your household.
  5. HomeRoutines – Create your own housecleaning routine checklists and set the days of the week that you’d like to be reminded to complete them with this $3.99 app, which syncs between devices and can be edited online for optimal management. When you complete a task, you’ll even get a gold star!
  6. Clean Freak Cleaning Schedule – Clean Freak Cleaning Schedule is a $0.99 app that manages all of your housekeeping chores with an innovative and effective “divide-and-conquer” approach that breaks even the most intimidating projects into smaller, more manageable tasks. Check off items as you complete them and manage all of your recurring chores by reviewing information about how long it’s been since a specific task has been completed.
  7. Green Shine – If you want to keep your house sparkling, but are hesitant to use harsh chemicals that can be dangerous to your children and harmful to the earth, this $2.99 app may be just what you’re looking for. Green Shine helps you replace your household cleaning chemicals with safer, more environmentally-sound alternatives.
  8. Chore Hero – Every now and then, keeping the house clean means enlisting the help of the entire family. That’s where this $2.99 app shines, allowing users to build chore lists and delegate specific tasks in a fun and entertaining way, taking a bit of the drudgery out of housework.
  9. Custom Hypnosis: House Cleaning Edition – This $1.99 app claims to make household cleaning tasks more enjoyable by playing hypnosis audio that motivates you and provides you with suggestions for making housework more fun and less stressful. The three currently supported powers of suggestion include cleaning the bathroom, dusting the house and doing the laundry.
  10. Cleaning Checklist – Sometimes, all you need to get the housecleaning accomplished is a comprehensive list of what needs to be done and when each chore should be completed. This $1.99 app does just that, allowing you to build 100% customizable lists for cleaning the house, which can be backed up in the cloud or shared with other members of the household for delegating tasks.

While some of these apps do require you to input information in order to generate a to-do list or figure out what needs to be done around your home and can be very valuable in terms of saving time, it’s important to remember that your evening commute is no time to use them. Unless you’re part of a carpool or use mass transit, it’s safer and more responsible to wait until you’re not behind the wheel before managing your cleaning list.

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10 iPhone Apps With Help For Cleaning Your House