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By on July 1, 2012
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By Tristan Rothwell –

You’ve booked a vacation, the flights have been arranged and your dream hotel is reserved. Why should travel insurance hold you back?

You can have the trip of a lifetime at any age. Unfortunately, age and experience are not looked upon so favorably by some travel insurers, especially if you have a pre-existing medical condition to insure. Policies can often seem either under-equipped or overpriced.

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Fear not! Dig deep and shop around! There are medical travel insurance specialists out there who will give you the expert cover you need at a price that’s fair. (We’re one of them.) So you don’t have to break the bank. And you don’t have to travel under-insured. Perfect.

Here are a few tips on getting the cover you need to travel in confidence…

Do you really need travel cover for medical conditions?

Here’s something a lot of travelers aren’t aware of: if you fail to tell your travel insurer about a pre-existing medical condition when you take out your cover, you could invalidate your whole policy. In short, getting good coverage for your medical condition(s) is a must.

Go and see the world with affordable medical travel cover

Okay, some insurers may dramatically inflate their premiums for covering a medical condition, and others may turn you away. But there is plenty of good news too. There are several reputable insurers out there who will insure your condition at an affordable price. So don’t be afraid to shop around. At World First we cover thousands of conditions and offer every policyholder access to a 24/7 emergency assistance helpline.

Remember the excess

One thing many travel-lovers forget when comparing travel insurance is the policy excess. (The amount you will have to pay to make a claim.) Sure, your policy might look great on paper. But if it costs a fortune to make a claim then is it really that useful? Getting that perfect policy for peace of mind abroad is about striking a balance between the level of cover you need and the excess you feel comfortable paying.

Don’t forget your other policy benefits…

The medical section will always be the most important part of your travel policy. But good travel insurance will give you financial protection against lots more too. Holiday cancellation, missed departures, travel delays, strikes, bad weather, the theft of your belongings and lost luggage will all be covered by a decent policy. And that’s just the start!

Quite simply, travel insurance is an essential addition to your suitcase. And if you’re prepared to spend an extra half an hour shopping around, you can find the policy that’s perfect for you, your holiday and your budget. Here’s to happy holidays!


This guest post was written by World First Travel Insurance, experts in medical travel cover since 1971. If you’d like to read more advice, take a look at their senior travel insurance.

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You’re Packed & Ready To Go…