You Can Thrive- Emotionally Part 2

By on July 24, 2013

Choose Emotional Health

Have you ever prayed, “Lord, help me”?

Far from being the cry of a weakling, it is one of the healthiest prayers we can utter when we feel overwhelmed. But don’t stop there. I’ve learned that it helps to also ask God for insight into what’s going on by working through the following questions:

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  • What is the matter with me? (Identify and define the problem as best you can)
  • Why am I upset? (Look for underlying causes and assumptions)
  • Why am I feeling like this? (Look for connection with previous events)
  • What is going on? (Check your inner messages. Are they true? Check then out with a spiritually mature person you trust.)

The Bible overflows with practical principles for mental well-being and is an excellent life-coaching manual. For encouragement and guidance, take time to chew over the following spiritual vitamins found in Philippians 4. While you do this, ask yourself “How could this help me right now if I were to do this?”

  • Rejoice in the Lord always (Choose to focus on the Problem-Solver not the problem)
  • Pray and give your anxieties to God (Dwell on His power not your powerlessness)
  • Think about what is true (Not your fears and assumptions but on what is right, pure, lovely, excellent, and praise worthy)
  • Cultivate contentment (Reject words and attitudes of discontent)
  • Rely on God (He will provide the strength needed to do whatever He calls you to do)

As your loving Father, God wants you to experience an emotionally healthy life. But as with taking care of other parts of your life, you have choices to make.  As part of my covenant of care, here’s what I’m committed to do for my own emotional well-being. Think about what will help you.

Value Your Emotional Health        

  • I will think carefully before overloading myself with commitments
  • I will make it a matter of prayer before saying yes, considering other commitments
  • If needed, I will meet with a counselor or mature friend to explore painful issues
  • I will meet regularly with a soul friend for prayer and honest input

Once you’ve done this, the next step is to start praying and asking yourself:

How and when will I weave these positive and helpful commitments into my life?

How do you maintain your emotional health? Do you have other ideas to suggest?




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You Can Thrive- Emotionally Part 2