You Can Conquer Worry!

By on November 4, 2013

How do you recognize that worry is eating away at you? Is it the knot in your stomach? The sense of dread as you think about a situation in your life? Do you find yourself waking up at night, unable to sleep, rehashing what might happen, how you will cope, and what you should do?

Few, if any, of us get through life without anxieties and concerns. Life is uncertain. We can’t control events or other people, much as we might try with our sane and sensible advice—to which others rarely pay attention!

Jesus addressed the topic of worry in Matthew 6:25-34. You might want to get your Bible and refresh your mind with what He said. Here’s a brief summary:

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  • Do not worry (v.25, 31, 34)
  • Worry won’t change anything (v.27, 34)
  • God knows what you need (v.26, 32)

Scripture is full of verses about trusting God, finding peace, putting our faith in Him, and NOT WORRYING. So how can we keep growing into the likeness of Jesus in this area? Here are two powerful helps to conquer worry. I’ve found these practices transforming—and I’m praying you will also.

Practice Praise

  1. Praise changes your focus: It lifts your mind beyond yourself and your resources to the One who has the answers.
  2. Praise deepens your confidence: It reminds you that you are not alone but in fact, deeply loved and under His care.
  3. Praise elevates your mood: Worry is a robber of peace of mind. By focusing on who God is and His promises to work in your life, joy and hope replace discouragement and depression.
  4. Praise is a habit you can cultivate: To stir your heart and tongue—listen to praise music. (I did that on the treadmill at the gym yesterday and could hardly contain myself from dancing and lifting my hands in delighted worship. Fortunately I got a grip on myself and didn’t trip over!)

Read the Psalms—put them in your own words. Write back to God in response to what He’s saying to you.

Write a list of all the ways God has blessed and helped you—and praise!

Probe Your Thinking

Train yourself to develop the habit of asking question when you’re worried. Here are three I practice, but you can develop your own list:

  • What am I worried about? Name it clearly. Write it down. Look at it. Keep probing until you have got to the real core fear you have. Is your fear connected with something in your past? Pray and ask God for insight.
  • Is worrying helping me or making me more tense? In other words, what is it doing to me—negatively and positively?
  • How do I know if my worries will come true? We don’t. Instead, pour your emotional energy into affirming your trust in the Lord!

I’m praying these brief comments on a major issue will help us move from being fear-focused women to ones who are faith-filled. Let’s choose to become women who affirm their trust in God in both the calm and the challenging circumstances of life.

How can this happen?

  • THINK THE TRUTH about God’s care for you.
  • BELIEVE THE TRUTH that He is at work for your good.
  • FOCUS ON THE TRUTH, Jesus Christ, and worry will not have a victory in your life!

Let’s talk: I’d love to hear from you on this topic and what has helped you. Leave a comment below with your thoughts.


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You Can Conquer Worry!