Our Best And Worst Friend – The Bathroom Scale!

By on June 2, 2011

5 Things That Can Skew The Truth

By Shawna Hamilton –

You wouldn’t be a woman if you’ve never had a scale meltdown! You know these times, we hug it when it reads favorably and we cry and curse it when it doesn’t. But I’m here to tell you that the number staring back at you may not be quite right. Depending on a variety of factors that have absolutely nothing to do with body fat or even the scales accuracy, your body weight can vary by several pounds from one day to the next!

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In fact, experts agree that your body fat percentage and your physical measurements rather than your weight, provide a more accurate picture of your health. So before you panic over what the scale is telling you, keep it mind that it’s just a number ladies and it WILL yo-yo daily and here are 5 reasons why!

1)      You have clothes on ( ADDS up to 5-6lbs)

This may seem like a no-brainer but most people weigh in with either all of their whole outfit on, or with their sneakers on at the gym, or their bathrobes at home. So take it off! As stripping down to your bare essentials can subtract up to 5-6lbs and really tip the scale in the “right” direction for you! But if you must, I recommend that you weigh yourself at the same time ONCE a week, in the morning, bare and after you use the washroom!

2)      You just finished an extra sweaty cardio class (SUBTRACTS up to 4-5lbs)

When your body works out at a high intensity, most of the calories burned are from glycogen (a form of carbohydrate that is stored in our muscle). The depletion of this high energy fuel can prove a dramatic shift in weight. But please don’t mistake this drop in pounds as a drop in body fat! The magical weight loss you are experiencing is just water. But hey, if that new scale number keeps you motivated to do it again, you have my vote! J

3)      You drank a huge bottle of water just before you got on the scale (ADDS up to 2lbs)

As you know, water has no calories, so it certainly can’t cause fat gain, but a liter or more of water weighs more than 2lbs. Most small shifts in body weight are due to fluctuating water levels in the body. So the full two pounds will show on the scale during the first few minutes after you drink it, then eventually deplete via perspiration, breathing and other bodily functions and your weight will at that point, inch back down accordingly. So it never hurts to hit the loo before hopping onto the scale!

4)      You had a few drinks last night (SUBTRACTS 3-5lbs)

Alcohol depletes your body of water. Alcohol also irritates the digestive system and can cause diarrhea. This diuretic/laxative combination makes some women look and feel leaner the day after. But while the scale drops, be rest assured that it won’t for long. Your weight will bounce back to normal once you replenish your fluids!

5)      You had a “light” lunch (ADDS up to 2-3lbs)

Often the healthiest meals are the heaviest in terms of weight. Filling, diet friendly foods such as broth based soups and/or salads loaded with veggies are full of fiber and water. Now, these both have zero calories, but add bulk to your plate and therefore, for a brief time, your stomach. So eating these can cause a short term rise in the scale number even though they actually help you lose weight over time. Interesting isn’t it? That’s why the scale is but a number, nothing to plan your life around. Eating healthfully comes first and matters most. So please don’t discourage yourselves from eating these fine foods. Just remember that once you do, depending on your digestion rate, the added weight of a large but diet-friendly lunch won’t stick with you longer than 12-24 hours! So never fear! J

Stay tuned for another 5 reasons to throw your scale away! They are on their way to you soon!

In the meantime, keep up the great work with your fitness routine, eat smartly and choose a winning attitude! You look wonderful!

Drop me a line! I’d love to hear from you! Shawna L. Hamilton B.A.,BKin.,H.D

Shawna is an experienced Professional Trainer, Nutrition Consultant and Homeopathic Doctor. She is the proud owner and operator of her successful mobile health and fitness business “On The Move.” Shawna is married and lives with her husband and 3 dogs in Toronto, Ont


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Shawna exemplifies fitness. Her positive attitude and natural zest for life are her greatest attributes and have everything to do with her success as a respected and recognized trainer within the fitness industry. For over 16 years, Shawna has taken pride in consistently motivating and inspiring her loyal clientele. She owns and operates a thriving mobile health and wellness business specializing in private fitness training, nutrition counseling, custom meal and supplement planning, Figure and Fitness Model competition prep as well as natural medicine. Shawna is married, planning a family and lives in Etobicoke with her husband and business partner and their three dogs. You will find her at: http://www.fitandonthemove.com/.

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Our Best And Worst Friend – The Bathroom Scale!