What Are the 3 Most Worrying Consequences of Unattended Moisture in Your Basement?

By on October 9, 2019

Most homeowners give little thought to the state of their basements, but this is a mistake. Leaky basements can cause both structural damages to the home and health problems for its inhabitants if they are left unaddressed. Read on to find out about three of the most worrying consequences of unattended moisture in the basement to find out why it’s so important to address leaks as soon as they appear.

Mold Growth

The most common and one of the most worrying effects of excess moisture is mold growth. Mold is a rapid-growing fungus that thrives in wet, dark environments. Most homeowners have seen mold at least a few times, but few realize exactly how dangerous it can be to their health.

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Mold spreads by airborne spores. When a home’s inhabitants or guests breathe in these spores, they can cause problems ranging from breathing difficulties to chronic headaches and even permanent neurological damage.

Mold also penetrates the wood and other structural components of the home, which makes it both difficult to eradicate and potentially dangerous to the home’s structural integrity. Homeowners can visit Helitech Online to find waterproofing solutions for their basements that will make it easier to keep mold at bay.

Damage to the Home

Even if homeowners keep nothing important in their basements, water damage can wind up wreaking havoc if they don’t address leaks and excess moisture as soon as they notice it. This is particularly problematic in finished basements.

The floor is typically the first thing to go. Even a small amount of water sitting on a floor for a short period can wind up causing irreparable damage to most flooring materials. The home’s walls will also suffer because of dampness, as wall posts, sheetrock, and other finishing materials deteriorate.

Eventually, the excess humidity from the basement will travel all the way through the house. It can even affect the home’s shingles, causing them to crack and fold and decreasing the expected lifespan of the roof.

Decreased Comfort and Value

Homeowners and their families will quickly notice that the effects of a wet basement aren’t localized to the below-grade areas of their homes. They’ll notice embarrassing, musty smells and increased allergy sensitivity, especially in children. The presence of central heating and air may exacerbate these effects.

The same problems that wreak havoc on homeowners’ family lives and social lives will also make homes look less appealing to potential buyers. Homeowners might even notice that fewer people come by to look at their houses if they have wet basements. That’s because their realtors are required to disclose information about potential basement leaks and mold to buyers.


Most buyers are less likely to express interest in a home that has potentially serious issues. The last thing a new homeowner wants to deal with is a substantial basement renovation. Current homeowners are better off fixing these problems long before they consider selling their properties.

The Bottom Line

Wet basements wreak havoc on homes, create health problems for their residents, and make it harder to sell when families decide it’s time to upgrade their homes. Coming up with a solution requires specialized knowledge, skills, tools, and experience, so the best thing homeowners can do to solve their moisture problems is to hire a professional basement waterproofing contractor who can help.


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What Are the 3 Most Worrying Consequences of Unattended Moisture in Your Basement?