Are You One of the 50% of Women Over 50 that Have Never Changed Their Skincare Routines?

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The nation’s skincare is stagnating as almost a third of women over 50 have never changed their skincare routines. A study, by the collagen experts Absolute Collagen, has delved into the skincare habits and struggles of the nation, revealing that 33% of people have never changed their skincare routine and is highest among those over 65 (50%).

Just as you may need to adapt your exercise routine or diet with age, the same needs to be done for your skincare routine. Your skin undergoes various changes throughout your life, which can be influenced by environmental factors like sun exposure, stress, and pollution, as well as the natural process of ageing.  So, while it is important to build a sustainable routine that works for your skin, it is also key to make sure your routine evolves to address these changing needs. Improving your knowledge of what changes happen to your skin at each age is a great first step in understanding what you may be missing from your current skincare routine. Having this long-term view will also help when it comes to preventing the signs of ageing.

When it comes to why so many aren’t changing their skincare routine, the study revealed that a staggering 54% of women feel that they have minimal knowledge (30%) or no knowledge (24%) about skincare and skincare ingredients.

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So to help improve the knowledge of your skin needs, Dr Sophie Shotter and Absolute Collagen have shared the key information you need to know for each decade of your life.

Women’s skincare routines for their 20’s

Entering your twenties is the perfect time to start curating a skincare routine that works for you.

If you haven’t in your teens, then now’s the time to start wearing SPF. Daily use of SPF is essential for protecting your skin from harmful UV rays and keeping any premature signs of ageing at bay. Opt for a broad-spectrum natural sunscreen which will block out the vast majority of UV rays (97%) or above.

Incorporating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and niacinamide into your routine is a great starting point, helping to lock in moisture and create a barrier for the skin, keeping it moisturised throughout the day while supporting smooth and plump skin. Another key ingredient is Vitamin C, its skin-brightening properties and its role in collagen production, helping to even out your skin .

At this age, skincare issues still very much vary between people, so it is important to tailor your routine to your main concerns. For some, this may be acne-prone skin, and for others, it may be your skin type transitioning from more oily to combination or dry. Choose products that are right for you, and try not to be swayed by what products are trending or hot right now.

Women’s skincare routines for their 30’s

Now you’ve entered your flirty thirties, you’ll likely be starting to notice some subtle signs of ageing. While these are lovely reminders of the last few decades, you may want to start tweaking your skin routine to tackle those early signs of ageing and boosting collagen production.

Vitamin A, also known as a Retinoid in the skincare space, can help with this by diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improving the elasticity of your skin. Slowly introduce Retinoids into your routine once a week, using a low percentage to start and building up to applying a few times a week. Your thirties are a fantastic time to start using an eye cream, which will help you to nourish the thinnest and most sensitive part of the face – the undereye.   

Acids are very topical at the moment, but it’s only really in your thirties, when the rate of your skin cell turnover starts to slow, that you ought to consider including them in your routine. Those who have experienced a skin condition, like acne, will be aware that exfoliating acids such as AHA’s and BHA’s are great for replenishing the appearance of your skin. PHA’s while a lesser-known ingredient, are also an excellent option for more sensitive skin types. But be mindful not to use acids and retinol at the same time as this could damage your skin barrier, start gradually using them on alternate days, and with time you may be able to use both ingredients at opposite ends of the same day. 

Women’s skincare routines for their 40’s

As you enter your forties, your skin is likely going to experience quite a few changes. Often, this is when our skin starts to droop, thin, dry and feel more sensitive. While this can be a difficult transition, it is perfectly normal at this age, especially for those who are approaching or are in peri-menopause.

Therefore it’s essential to up your hydration, making sure to use hydrating serums and introducing more nourishing products such as a night cream. Night creams are often thicker and more hydrating than your everyday moisturiser, which can help your skin repair and feel replenished while you sleep.

While harsh exfoliants should be avoided at any age, your skin becomes thinner in this decade of your life so it is important to only use a light exfoliant a few times a week. This means avoiding any facial scrubs, as they are more likely to irritate than do any good. Continue to use exfoliating acids, but be mindful that you may need to drop down to using them only once or twice a week, especially if you notice your skin becoming more sensitive.

In your forties, your body’s lymphatic system may slow down which can result in facial puffiness or swelling. A great way to combat this is to regularly massage the skin on your face and neck area. Consider booking a facial for every couple of months or simply try at home with a gua sha tool or your fingers.

Women’s skincare routines for their 50s & 60’s

In these decades, you will likely continue experiencing the natural changes to your skin that come with ageing. But the good news is that you should have an understanding of what does and doesn’t work for your skin.

So, when it comes to adding new ingredients or products into your routine, focus on targeting specific concerns. For example, you may be noticing sagging skin more prominently, particularly on your neck. If so, look for a neck and decolletage cream that promotes skin elasticity and collagen production, as this will help to reduce necklines and firm your neck skin.

Women’s skincare routines for their 70’s

Your seventies are the time to go back to basics with your skincare routine.

At this age, your skin is much more sensitive, so it is recommended to go completely fragrance-free, avoiding any products that might cause irritation or a reaction to your skin.

Pare back what you apply daily, focusing solely on locking in moisture to your skin and keeping it super hydrated. Also, avoid using water that is too warm and any products that are abrasive to your skin.

And finally, remember to embrace the journey of your skin with confidence, with the right skincare routine you will always be able to find the most radiant version of you.

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Are You One of the 50% of Women Over 50 that Have Never Changed Their Skincare Routines?
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