Women Over 50 Fulfilling Dreams

By on July 26, 2021

While spending time with my granddaughter recently, I was reminded of the hopes and dreams held by those with their life ahead of them. For many women over 50, life has happened and many of the aspirations and desires that once burnt strong feel like they are on embers. I do not want to live with regrets, but it is all too easy to wonder “What if”?

My granddaughter reminded me of the dreams that I held many years ago. Young and confident I wanted to walk the runway and grace the carpets of the pageant world. I dreamed of receiving the award of the regional pageant contest, and maybe, just maybe the coveted Miss America!

Ms. Senior Florida

A friend of mine from North Carolina and I were having lunch just the other day. We were catching up on the events of life after the COVID-induced lockdowns. Just before the world came to an abrupt end, my friend was crowned Ms. Senior Florida. During the gala event, my friend had been crowned the queen of the pageant.

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I was a little envious as I listened to my friend tell me all about the wonderful experience. As she spoke about the joy of competing and winning. It all sounded so amazing and just how I had imagined it would have been for me. With all the excitement I was having flashbacks to the dreams of my youth. I wondered, could I even stand a chance?

A senior pageant is not about the bikini

dreamsAs I asked about the contest, it became very apparent to me that Ms. Senior Florida was not going to be a bunch of us older women prancing around in bathing suits. The judges are instructed to look for a talented lady with inner beauty, and an energetic and positive outlook on life. The Ms. Senior Florida beauty pageant focuses on celebrating us women, now that we have entered the “age of elegance“! I certainly have entered the stage of life where I am no longer allowing challenges to stand in my way. I am living life, pushing the limits, and living my best life ever!

The mission of the organizing committee is to draw attention to the achievements of senior women. The goal is to motivate and encourage women to utilize their full potential and share a positive outlook on life with others. We demonstrate our life-learned skills by demonstrating the performing arts.

I’m registered, fulfilling my dreams

I was inspired by my friend and now I am registered! If my childhood friend could do it and rise to the top, then so can I. 

I will be joining with many other inspirational women from around Florida to vie for the crown of Ms. Senior Florida! Perhaps I will be jetting off to Atlantic City to compete in the national event and be the Ms. Senior America. I have dreamed it, and now I have the fortunate opportunity to live it! Come and join me as we both get to make new friends and encourage each other onto new heights!ms senior florida

You can join me as a participant of Ms. Senior Florida by registering on the website. If participating as a contestant is not your cup of tea, then join the community in supporting the ladies that are. Learn more about the event and let each one of us live as “women of elegance’!

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Women Over 50 Fulfilling Dreams