Women Over 50 Biohacking Wellness

By on January 28, 2022

Do you take supplements and vitamins for your wellness? Many women over 50 take a handful of supplements each day biohacking their bodies with the microelements and nutrients needed for healthy and functioning bodies. Biohacking is a new technology and method of delivering essential microelements needed by our bodies.

The need for supplementing

“Soil depletion” has rendered much of our food supply void of many nutrients. These nutrients are necessary for our bodies to function and maintain a healthy balance. Supplementation is a necessary evil to substitute the missing microelements from our food sources. The microelements support specific functions of the body like digestion, detoxification, hormone metabolism, and our immune system. Many other areas of concern will not function optimally without the correct level of nutrients.

Have you experienced the benefits of supplements?

Many supplements found in stores and online are sold in a solid form. They are packaged into capsules for easy distribution. Have you ever wondered if this method of supplementing is the best and most effective way to consume the supplements? Bioavailability is the fraction of a microelement absorbed and utilized by our bodies. The higher the bioavailability of your supplement, the more of the microelement is actually absorbed and used by our body.

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Are your supplements bioavailable?

Supplements should be bioavailable and free of chemicals such as insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, and so on. The ingredients forming the supplements should be derived from all-natural ingredients, nothing artificial. 

A scientifically proven innovative Bio-Technology obtains microelements’ or organic compounds with the same chemical formula as they are naturally found. Compounds with the most biogenic elements of the periodic table while being the main part of the food acids such as citric, malic, tartaric, folic, ascorbic, and others form the foundation of the biohacking process. Bio-technology allows carboxylates to form soluble forms of the compounds with food acids such elements as Mg, Mn, Zn, Cu, Co, Fe, La, Si, Ag, Li, Ti, Ni, V, Cr, Sn, Ce, Bi, Au, Pt, Al and unique with I, S, Ge, Se, Mo. 

Liquid vs Solid supplements

Studies have shown that stable aqueous solutions of carboxylates based on edible acids are preferable for exposure to biological objects. Liquid supplements have higher bioavailability and significantly lower toxicity than supplements that are in solid form. Since liquid supplements have identical natural components of metabolic processes in living cells, the reactions of the Krebs and Calvin cycles are significantly better. 

The organic compounds are made in the form of stable aqueous solutions. The production cycle does not use auxiliary chemical components and it has extended the direct reaction of elements to food acids, which allows achieving a high degree of purity of the obtained compounds. 

Supplements with single elements

Supplements with single elements and their complexes have shown a high efficiency under exposure to biological objects. Scientific teams have been doing research and measuring the performance for the past twelve years and more than 12,000 patients to track the performance of single-element supplements.

Alternatives to traditional antibiotics 

Together with the Institute of Microbiology, the Institute of Infectious Diseases, and the Institute of Animal Biology, alternative antibiotics are being developed. Hundreds of different preliminary studies have been carried out to date. 

Research continues to discover new qualities of elements The antiviral effect of cobalt and titanium was a big surprise for experienced virologists. This novelty is associated only with the water-soluble organic form of the compounds that we were able to obtain. World science periodically discovers a new and significant influence of some elements, for example, vanadium as insulin of a similar substance or little-known cerium as a powerful antiviral element.

Microelements in liquid form

Regular development of microelement science in the world has made it possible to develop the most advanced and effective tool in the world for influencing the microcosm. This creates real opportunities for solving global problems that humanity faces. Ecology, quality healthy food, new, effective and harmless drugs, increasing longevity, new materials from microbial products, and much more.

Testing the research

Over the past 10 years, I was taking part in the research as a patient, using supplements with different trace elements. In my introduction to the biohacking journey, I was able to see various improvements in my health. My long-term collaboration with the lead doctor and scientists gave me a behind-the-scenes look into the technology and product. Having seen the benefits firsthand, I am excited to share them with others. Considering this and my experience in the BioTech, HealthTech, and Wellness industry, I feel privileged to be the person to present and develop this biotechnology in the US market.

Biohacking Conference

LivingBetter50 will be part of the next BiohackingCongresses. There will be presentations of our powerful BioTechnology and more than 30 selected companies working to promote health span and longevity.

By: Julia Smila Co-Founder, Unicorn Lab & Biohacking Congress. Julia has been working in the Venture Capital Industry for more than 5 years, she is experienced in investor relationship management with the main focus on the impact investments in companies working to promote longevity and healthspan. Julia is passionate about Biohacking. She is the Co-Organiser of Biohacking Congress, the international platform dedicated to furthering the advancement of Biohacking, Health Optimization, Longevity, Wellness, BioTech, and HealthTech.

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