Why Women Over 50 Should Participate in a Pageant

By on September 2, 2021

Special occasions give us an excuse to dress up and live like a star. Having a beautiful dress on, a sultry perfume and our hair done up always makes us feel just that little more special. For most of 2020, we lived in sweats and pajamas, and you know how that you feel! In order to have an excuse to get all dressed, up we need to have somewhere to go! We need a special night where we get to celebrate what it means to be a woman and the achievements of each other. A pageant like Ms. Senior Florida is the perfect excuse for a woman over 50 to plan and splurge on a night out!

While a pageant gives us an opportunity to wear a fancy dress, pageants are about so much more. Here are some great reasons that you should sign up for the Ms. Senior Florida or any other local pageant near you.

Overcome your fears

One of the greatest ways to grow as a person is to face your fears. Many women over 50 have lived most of their life as a captive to the fears of life. We have lived our lives concerned more about what others think and say than following our dreams and ambitions. Public speak and being in the spotlight is a fear that many of us women over 50 can overcome. Many of the people that you admire and respect have at some point drawn a line in the sand saying that they will take the leap of faith!

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Until we make a stand and face fear, we will be ruled and never go furth in our efforts. Being a pageant contestant is a great avenue to challenge yourself and grow as a person.

Display your talents and gifts

We have all been wonderfully created. Unique in many ways, we all have different skills and talents. A pageant like Ms. Senior Florida allows us to demonstrate the uniqueness that we all possess. Just as we need to challenge our fears and concerns to grow, we need to learn that our families, communities, and world are the poorer for us not stepping up and out. No matter your skills and talents, they have value and are worthy of being shared with the rest of us.

Meet new people

It is too easy to find ourselves just living in a little cocoon in and around our homes. It is healthy for us to be sociable and meet new people. A pageant like Ms. Senior Florida is a great place to meet other wonderful women over 50. You will meet and get to know other contestants, organizers, and supporters of the pageant. 

Relationships are built on commonality. You will create great friendships with the other women participating in the pageant. 

Participating in a pageant will give you so much more in return than you can imagine. You will also have the opportunity to have somewhere to go and a reason to dress up. Be sure to register for the Ms. Senior Florida pageant, and I will see you there!

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Why Women Over 50 Should Participate in a Pageant