What Are The Best Exercises For Cancer Patients?

By on October 3, 2014

By Mirabai Holland –

In my practice, I consult with women who want to exercise but have health issues that make them uncertain as to how much they should do. Recently I had a client who said, “I am recovering from breast cancer. I finished my chemotherapy a few weeks ago and though I still feel weak, I was wondering if I should start exercising again?” And this is what I told her.

If your doctor says you’re up to it, you can get started. Best Exercises For Cancer Patients: according to ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine)

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The best exercises for cancer patients is a combination of the three major components of fitness: Cardio, Strength and Flexibility. These types of exercise can have a positive impact on cancer patients and survivors. Easy aerobic exercise for cancer patients, has been shown to increase hemoglobin levels, reduce inflammation, lessen fatigue, keep muscles in shape for better every day activities, increase self confidence, reduce depression and aid in recovery of surgery.

Other research has shown strength and flexibility exercises to be good exercises for cancer patients helping them return to a normal activity level sooner.

Exercise and social support seem to increase the life expectancy of breast cancer survivors, preventing recurrence.

At the beginning, gently move a few minutes at a time, and build up at your own pace. Try walking, light aerobics or swimming. As you get stronger, add a couple of days a week of light resistance training. On days you feel more tired, try doing a few stretches.

Personal Note: It has been my privilege and joy to use my skill as a Health and Fitness Specialist to help many women manage their cancer with the healing properties of movement and exercise. It is from my own experience, that exercising on a regular basis, eating healthy food and reducing your stress can help prevent and/or manage cancer and many other life threatening diseases.

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NOTE: My mother died in 2005 from Ovarian Cancer. Here is a poem I wrote about her.

Bernadine’s Crusade
Time it was when she found out how sick she was.
Like a Gladiator she got in her wheel chair and with her cane she fought against her illness.
Month after month she strived and relished every peach, every plum.
Moment by moment from lunch to lunch, she road the streets and shopped for food, clothes and jewelry as if she would live forever.
Her doctors were amazed at the way she road into their offices waving her cane in stylish hats.
For her it was just the way she lived.
Opinionated, visually acute; her sense of aesthetics keen.
Expressive, she once cooed for me like a bird then clicking her teeth like a sparrow eating a tiny meal.
So it went.
Until the last, she raged with her cane beside her in the bed.
Little sips of ice mocha and chocolate malts
Slowing down.
Barely breathing, her eyes flew open, to take one last peek.
Getting ready for the next to come.


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What Are The Best Exercises For Cancer Patients?