Weekend Makeover Ideas for Your Home

By on May 4, 2021
weekend makeover

Whether you’re putting down roots or putting your home on the market, some kitchen upgrades make a huge impact on the house’s value. A simple weekend makeover creates a daily “feel good” attitude if you’re living in your home, and they can offer a great return on investment when it’s time to sell.

Kitchens are the second leading site of home improvements being made since the pandemic. Many homeowners are eager to “do it themselves” to save on costs and gain strong return-on-investment.

Here are five projects that can truly enhance a kitchen’s beauty and functionality.

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Revive your cabinets countertops

Tired of boring countertops? When using the SpreadStone kit from Daich Coatings, an elegant new finish requires only the ability to paint, roll, and sand. Working well on existing laminate, cultured marble, Formica and other solid surfaces. A dynamic stone finish that provides shimmering mineral accents and color highlights found in natural mined rock.

The three-step process includes applications of a stone base coat, decorative stone coat, and stone clear topcoat. Finished countertops resist heat, stains, abrasion, impact, and household cleaners. Available in 10 colors, including Oyster and Volcanic Black, each kit includes application tools and required coatings to complete 30 to 40 square feet of space. Kits are available online.

Decorative boards for Islands

Add warmth to your kitchen islands, or an entire wall, by installing decorative wood boards. The ready-to-install decorative boards provide a rich, clean appearance. They are available in various finishes like Ambrosia Maple, White Oak, Black Stained Aspen, and Gray Stained Aspen. These are easily installed right onto the drywalling of your cabinet.

Floating Shelves for decoration

Floating shelves can be the perfect location to display your decor or to keep spices handy. The shelves can hold favorite cookbooks or stack plates. Lightweight and easy-to-install in just minutes. Shelves can be easily painted or stained to complement other design elements in the room.

Exposed Wooden Beams

Add architectural style and warmth to your kitchen (or any other room) with lightweight rustic beams. Whether it’s adding straight beams, creating a center beam with crossbeams, or crafting a coffered ceiling, home design creativity knows no bounds with this DIY project. Made of real wood, these pre-stained U-shaped beams and wrought iron metal accent brackets are available online or in your nearest hardware store and come with everything needed for installation.

Take it Outside

Building an outdoor kitchen is an amazing way to make better use of your backyard. Now you can enjoy the fresh air as you cook and dine. Add wall texture with stone to add outdoor and natural beauty to the new outdoor kitchen. Without prep work and in little time, you can use it to completely transform any drywall, block, masonry, or concrete outdoor kitchen surface. Finish as smooth polished marble, natural suede, parchment, dream lace, and linen. Protect the newly-coated surfaces, simply add Hi-Build Ultra Clear Coat. It is a tough coating that resists water, U/V rays, chemicals, impact, and abrasion.

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Weekend Makeover Ideas for Your Home