Warning: Your Waist May Be Larger Than It Appears

By on February 10, 2014

Ever look at the tiny words on your car’s side view mirror and note the warning: Objects in mirror, are closer than they appear?

Something similar can be said for our waists and bottoms if you wear, on a regular basis, elastic waist bottoms typically know as leggings, as you may be larger than you think you appear.

Whaaaaaat, you ask? Well, when  women, and I have been guilty of this as well, wear bottoms that can easily expand as we expand, we don’t really notice how much closer our ‘objects’ are to not fitting into our clothes as well as they used to or should.

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Sometimes, it is a huge shock, no pun intended, when we try to put on a regular pair of pants, and there is no way we can zip them up!

Keep in mind that leggings are not pants, and only should be worn under very long tops. Other than the gym, no letting your tush show, please. It really isn’t that flattering , and can actually be comically disturbing as in these photos.

Leggings Are NOT Pants

Leggings Are NOT Pants

Now I need to try my pants on, but first I think I’ll head to the gym.

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Warning: Your Waist May Be Larger Than It Appears