Visiting the Florida Keys

By on August 17, 2020
Florida Keys

There are many wonders throughout the world worth seeing. They are breathtaking and inspiring. Looking around you will see many wonders in the Florida Keys too. If you haven’t been yet, put the Florida Keys on your bucket list.

From the amazing accommodation to eye-opening snorkeling, scuba diving in the reefs, time spent in the Florida Keys offers every traveler what they need and are looking for.

A collection of islands south of Miami, they are strung along by bridges that connect the most southern point of the United States to civilization. As you head south along Route 1, you periodically cross from one island to another using these marvelous bridges. The best part of crossing the bridges is the vast horizon of crystal clear blue waters. As you look over the horizon, you can see the varying water depth and placement of reefs that beckon various fish and water creatures.

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Some of the best parts of your trip to the Florida Keys will be;

The Sunrise and Sunset

There are few places in the world where you can see the sunrise and set over the ocean. The Florida Keys is one of these places. with the long narrow islands, you can within minutes get from the Atlantic Ocean side to the Gulf side of the island. We had an amazing dinner one evening at the Morada Bay restaurant on the Gulf side of Islamorada Key

Florida Keys

Sunset Dinner at Morada Bay, Islamorada Key, FL

Taking in the views with the delicious food kicked the relaxation into another gear. It was wonderful to just experience all the beauty around you. Taking it in and living in the moment peeled me away from the world that I was taking refuge from.

Step into a slower pace

Florida Keys

Florida Keys, Paradise

Driving Route 1 in the Florida Keys, I kept hearing the Beach Boys song Komomo reverberating in my mind. We never made it to Komomo to see what they were singing about, but you can see that they take it slow in the Florida Keys. You can’t blame them. This sleepy beach island is the destination for millions a year to get away from it all. It doesn’t have flashy malls and lights, although it definitely has all that you would need to enjoy yourself.

Wildlife around the Florida Keys

Many of the attractions in the Florida keys are focused around being outside and the beauty of nature. It seems that there are various things to do that will allow you to interact with dolphins, sea lions to manatees. Some are offered in the confines of a sanctuary while others offer the opportunity to see the wildlife in nature as they roam freely. The one afternoon I watched as wild dolphins swam around and played with some on their jetskis.

Florida Keys

Dolphin Research Center, Grassy Key, FL

We got to join the rescue efforts at the Dolphin Research Center in Grassy Key. The one program that we participated in allowed us to interact with the dolphins. There is always something special being up close and personal with God’s creation!

Boating is the mode of transport

The Florida keys are littered with boats of all sizes. If they are not for sale on the side of the road, they are being towed to a marina where you find even more in the water. People are using the boats to head out on fishing charters, recreationally with various “toys” attached, or to head to a meeting point with friends on a sandbank. Being completely surrounded by water as you sit on a sandbank, you will stay cool and refreshed even in the middle of the hot summer days.


Florida Keys

The beautiful waters of the Florida Keys

When planning a holiday to get away from it all and experience life as it was intended, the Florida Keys is a definite choice. There are various accommodation options from Resorts to lower-cost hotels and motels. We recommend planning your stay so that it doesn’t collide with the hurricane season from August till October. Save some money on your vacation using this link.

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Visiting the Florida Keys