The Veggie Garden in June

By on June 7, 2012

The garden is looking good right now with only a few losses from the crazy spring weather. March had record breaking heat and since then we have had periods of cool weather then hot weather then cool weather, etc.

We’re officially in a mild drought, which has required even more attention to the garden than usual this time of the year.

The herb garden is lush even after being trimmed back a lot. I do grow some herbs in other places but I love the look of this raised bed that is all herbs.

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The lettuce still looks beautiful but I am concerned about the return of 90 degree heat. Let’s just say we’re having lots of salads.

I will be planting more bush beans in this area when the lettuce is gone.

After so many gardener friends told me I had to grow pole beans, I finally planted some this year.  The front half of this raised bed has nasturtiums just popping through the soil.

While the other cool weather crops may have had issues with the early heat, the kale is glorious! This bed (like the herb bed) receives a lot of shade by June so I’m thinking that helps protect the kale.

Behind the kale is the huge parsley plant that surprised me this year. I thought it died after it was planted last year.

I planted five tomato plants, the two showing are both heirloom tomatoes.

Along with the tomatoes in this long raised bed is one zucchini plant, a rosemary plant, and a row of marigolds.

There were a few weeks when the demands of the lawn, garden, and wedding were such that I knew something would have to go!

Well, it wouldn’t be the wedding and we depend on the garden for veggies so it was the lawn that wasn’t finished before our guests arrived. Although what was accomplished looked great.

These, my friends… are weeds. Like I have said before, the forest is continually trying to take the land back.


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The Veggie Garden in June