Is Veganism a Good Fit For You?

By on July 31, 2021

As we move into the prime of our lives, health becomes a focus under a much tighter lens for us. We can’t eat the things we once used to, but even more amazing, many of us don’t even want to. The great thing about aging is becoming wiser, and when we realize not only how bad overly processed foods are for us, we also tend to recognize how bad they literally taste as well. Fake food just doesn’t even taste like food. That’s why many people over fifty are choosing to go plant-based and realize that it’s a lot easier to kickstart than one might think. Let us explore why veganism may be a good fit for you and all the health benefits you’d reap if you decided to join the lifestyle. 


First, let’s knock a few misconceptions out of the way. Many people believe myths that you won’t get enough protein as a vegan, and this simply isn’t true. Protein is abundant in the vegan diet – solid and easy examples of plant-based protein are potatoes (sweet or plain), nuts, tofu, whole wheat, broccoli, spinach, and asparagus. If you’re worried about your gut health without balancing probiotics in dairy yogurts, vegan probiotics on the market quickly replace those. Another misconception about veganism is that it’s expensive. This is simply untrue. When you’re eating whole foods, plant-based vegan diets, you are cooking with simple ingredients that are easily found in any grocery store. And, you’re getting the added benefit of becoming a better cook because you’ll be having so much experience with spices and herbs that also pack a healthy punch. There are other misconceptions about veganism that exist, and you may have on your own. Still, a simple online query will show you the truth about how healthy a plant-based lifestyle is and the myriad of health benefits that follow it.

Easy Transitioning

For many people, grew up eating an abundance of meat, and letting that go from a meal or two a day simply sounds like a deal-breaker. Lucky for you, there are faux meat options for just about any type of animal meat you may enjoy eating. While these don’t necessarily taste like “the real deal,” they are a great way to help ease you into the transition of no longer eating meat. After a while of eating mainly plant-based, you will probably find that you don’t enjoy the texture or flavor of mock meat any longer as it, too, is typically processed and not healthy even though it’s labeled as vegan. Either way, they are an ethical alternative to slowly eliminating meat from your diet. 

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Speaking of ethics, while there is nothing wrong with falling on either side of the spectrum, you may find that as you age, you become more in tune with the world around you and all that is living on it. You may have a hard time reconciling eating meat while simultaneously petting your dog. This is normal and if it forces your hand into a lifestyle with proven health benefits, life anti-cancer, anti heart disease, and longevity, let it be a catalyst to you entering vegetarian or veganism. If you find after a while on a vegan diet, it’s not a good fit for you, or your doctor decides it’s not a good fit for you (unlikely), then there is nothing wrong with choosing it doesn’t work for your lifestyle and incorporating meat and dairy back in. 

Reasons to Try 

If you are looking for a few more reasons to go vegan, here are a few that may motivate a woman over 50. One, it’s better for the environment. Meat is simply put – not environmentally friendly. Meat production is not only wasteful; it causes massive amounts of damage to the climate and is a significant source of pollution. Second, it can help you lose unwanted weight. As we get over 50, shedding excess weight becomes more of a challenge; on average, vegans weigh twenty pounds less than their meat-eating counterparts. You can research further if you’re interested in more motivations because, frankly, they’re abundant. 

The bottom line – we are what we eat. We also all have the right to feed ourselves and our families however we see fit, so long as it’s a healthy, well-balanced diet. So eat that way; however, it looks to you. But, there’s nothing to lose in trying a new way of eating for a little while. Here’s to your health!

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Is Veganism a Good Fit For You?