Unveiling Your Feminine Charm: 10 Fashion Dos and Don’ts for the Summer

By on October 17, 2019

The sunny warmth of the summer means shedding the bulky sweaters and boosts for a soft maxi dress and sandals. There are countless fun ways to unveil your feminine charm while looking your best on the hottest days of the year. As you get dressed, consider these 10 must-know dos and don’ts for the summer fashion season.

Do Check Out the Latest Trends

Fashion shows, runways, magazines, and lifestyle websites are all viable ways to watch the latest fashion trends. Use all of the fashion-forward resources at your fingertips to figure out which trends suit your budget and lifestyle. Take a few minutes to visit Filly Flair Maxi Dresses to check out what everyone is wearing to the beach, picnics, and parties this summer.

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Don’t Wear Socks and Sandals

Whether you forgot to get a pedicure this week or the air conditioning temperature at work is too chilly, there is no good excuse to pair socks with sandals. The point of wearing sandals is to show off some skin and give your feet a chance to breathe in the hot weather. Putting on socks makes you feel warmer and looks silly with sandals that are meant to show off your feet and not hide them. Get rid of the socks for summer unless you are wearing short ones with a pair of sneakers for a jog or hike.

Do Give In to the Concept of Tie Dye

For generations, people have been making and buying tie-dye clothing to show off their passion for fashion and bright colors. Today tie-dye clothing and accessories continue to be a cutting-edge way to show you dare to be different in life and apparel choices. Look for unique types of tie-dye wardrobe options, such as sneakers or a maxi dress for summertime dinner dates. Slide into a big tie-dye t-shirt as a cover-up for the pool or beach.

Do Be on the Fringe of Things

When it comes to adding the fashion feature that lets people know you are aware of trends, nothing is fresher than clothing with fringes. Shoulder fringes show off a tan and make an ordinary top look like something special. Add a fringe to the bottom of a skirt or shorts for a whimsical look – and always remember to add a fringe to your cross-body handbag and wedge sandals for evening wear. And, slipping into a fringed swimsuit is sure to make you feel more confident at the beach or swimming pool.

Don’t Wear Clothing That Does Not Fit You Properly

If you’re saving your skinny jean shorts from three years ago, it’s time to let them go – even if you shed more pounds, it’s unlikely they will fit your new shape. Embrace your current body type by purchasing clothes that suit your shape, rather than getting depressed about items that should have been eliminated from your closet. And, resist the urge to buy clothes than don’t fit because they are on sale – the item will never become a bargain when it sits in the back of your dresser drawer.

Do Celebrate Your Animal Side

With an array of animal prints to choose from, the summertime is the ideal season to slip into a cheetah, leopard, and zebra print tops and dresses. Animal prints are the hottest trend of last summer and the upcoming warm season. Be daring and pair different animal prints for a wild look that is sure to get noticed wherever you go. Add a printed handbag and open flats to an everyday workday outfit for a fun feel.

Don’t Be Afraid to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Wearing the same styles has a timeless appeal, especially when you know what designs and clothing pieces flatter you the most. But the same look grows tired without adding a few fresh articles to modernize your usual outfits. Check out the latest trends and be open-minded Trying something new can help you find the next g0-to piece for your summer wardrobe. For an instant dose of confidence, wear a skin-baring article of clothing such as an off-the-shoulder top or a crop top.

Do Wear Dresses to Stay Cool

Dresses are the staple of any summertime closet. An airy summer dress is perfect from the office to the park to a night of dancing. Add makeup and accessorize to change the tone of the dress. Opt for simple dresses, such qs a classic maxi dress or slip dress, that become favorite outfits for this summer and ones in the future.


Do Find Pants of All Lengths

The traditional pair of shorts is what makes backyard barbecues comfortable and relaxed. Wear them over a swimsuit after making a splash in the pool or hot tub. Slip into a pair of Capri pants with a flowing tank top to head to a summer concert at night. Long, smooth pants are ideal for sensational outdoor soirees and waterfront dining venues. Dare to have a complete variety of pants in all lengths to make the season more fashionable. Be ready for all temperatures and occasions with a full range of pants.

Don’t Forget to Take Care of the Details

Fabulous summer outfits look better when the wearer is at her best. Use smoothing cream to tame frizzies and celebrate the texture of your natural hair. Get a pedicure for smooth feet on your skin and pretty toenails when you were sandals and flip-flips. Use sunscreen in the sun to protect your skin. Then remember to apply a moisturizer to your entire body after facing the sun and surf all day. Taking care of the details makes the most of all your fash8ion choices.

These ten do’s and don’ts are sure to help you eliminate items from your summer closet that might not work anymore. Add a few updated pieces to refresh the look of the classic things you already have. Be daring, watch the trends, and hoose clothing that fits your lifestyle, budget, and style so you can enjoy the season to the fullest!


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Unveiling Your Feminine Charm: 10 Fashion Dos and Don’ts for the Summer