Unexpected Rain

By on May 8, 2012

I set out on an adventure today.

I ventured into the city in search of vintage goodies.

I planned ahead and wore my boots.

natural sunscreen with zinc oxide

Via Etsy

I emptied my car and prayed God would fill it.

I brought a sturdy tote.

And a hot cup of tea in a thermal mug.

And cash in my pockets in anticipation of good things to come.

I patiently scoured racks and racks of cast-off clothing.

Via Etsy

I hoped and dreamed and stepped out of my comfort zone.

I went in search of the lovely in the land of the unlovely.

It was lunchtime and the soup kitchen was open.

The thrift store next door was open too.

Via Etsy

With dreams of pretty dresses filling my head,

I was unprepared for the woman suddenly at my car window.

She came out of nowhere.

She had no bottom teeth.

She got angry when I didn’t give her money.

Via Etsy

I urged her to visit the soup kitchen.

She rolled her eyes and walked away muttering.

I watched her quickly approach the next car that entered the gated lot.

Then I sat in my car for several minutes afraid of another confrontation.

And felt ashamed and confused.

My city adventure suddenly lost its sparkle.

Just as the rain began to fall.

~ ~ ~ ~

What would you have done?

I often pray for “peace that nothing can offend.”

Perhaps I offend myself by my lack of confidence.

Whereas this altercation weighed heavy on my heart all day,

others wouldn’t give it another thought.

It’s certainly not a good idea to open your wallet

in a deserted parking lot and give a homeless person money.

Or is it?

Still thinking on this one.

Originally posted on Cottage and Creek.

About Lynn Minter

Finding herself suddenly single after the pre-mature death of her husband at age forty-six led Lynn Minter on a journey of self-discovery which, like many of us, she’s still on today. Determined to walk by faith and not fear, Lynn shares her adventures as a young(ish) widow and empty-nester on her lifestyle blog Cottage and Creek. She and her late husband renovated several homes and as a result, Lynn developed a penchant for decorating and design, as well as a “can do” attitude which has helped her update her current 1952 brick cottage perched on the bank of Ellicott Creek in Western New York. A lover of all things vintage, Lynn showcases her found treasures on her blog as well as in her two Etsy shops, Estate of Mind and Dress Your Drawers. http://www.cottageandcreek.com

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Unexpected Rain