Tummy Tuck When You’re Fifty?

By on January 13, 2013

Our society values beauty and youth above everything. Although this may seem shallow, biological reasons exist for this bias. Human beings are hard-wired mates who are healthy and vibrant so that their offspring will have a good chance of survival. Back when we were a hunter-gatherer society, humans didn’t live long, and those over 40 were considered to have entered old age, the tummy tuck wasn’t something to consider.

Naturally, most of us have developed personality characteristics, thought processes and mannerisms that separate us from the rest of the primates. Many people consistently see beyond outward appearances and see the beauty that can exist in the human soul. Nonetheless, appearances have a substantial effect on how each of us is perceived by our peers.

How Your Appearance Impacts Your Life

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Most people won’t give you another look if you’re dressed in frumpy, uninspired clothing. Although it certainly doesn’t seem fair, job seekers are often overlooked in favor of their more pulled-together counterparts. Because first impressions are difficult to erase, first dates will always view you as being dumpy and unattractive if that is how you looked when they first set eyes on you.

You probably already know how a flattering new outfit or hairstyle can give your self-esteem a boost. We all feel better when we look good. As we age, however, it becomes more difficult for us to keep our looks intact by paying close attention to clothing, makeup, and hairstyles. It can be highly frustrating for those whose diet and exercise efforts no longer have the results they did in the past.

Modern Options For Retaining Youthful Good Looks

Our bodies have a tendency to rebel as we approach middle age. Even if exercise on a regular basis, the body begins to naturally sag and droop at around age 50. The skin loses elasticity and the resulting firmness, which is why many women and an increasing number of men are considering abdominoplasty, which is otherwise known as a “tummy tuck.”

Age 50 is an excellent time to have this procedure done. Although it won’t work miracles or give you the body of a divine deity, it can significantly transform your abdominal area if you’ve got loose skin and fat that won’t respond to less invasive methods. A tummy tuck will cause you to look more attractive in clothing as well as give your self-esteem a lift and motivate you to take good care of your body.

What to Expect From Surgery

One of the essential things to remember is that you will need to allow ample time to recover from the procedure by ensuring that you can take time off work. Because you’ll be prohibited from engaging in any strenuous activity for a minimum of six weeks,

Surgery Expectations

One of the most important things to remember is that you’ll need ample recovery time. So make sure that you can take time off of work because you’ll be prohibited from doing any strenuous activity for a minimum of six weeks.

Because abdominoplasty is essentially invasive surgery where your skin, fat, and muscle is cut through, you may be required to spend the night in the hospital as well as have draining tubes attached to your body.

After you return home, it’s advised that you use a hand-held shower head for personal hygiene purposes so that you don’t have to strain your abdomen by reaching. Although you will experience pain at first, it will lessen as the week’s progress.

Be sure to consult with your physician concerning whether this procedure is a good choice for you.

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Tummy Tuck When You’re Fifty?