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By on September 24, 2020
Tracey Mitchell

Speaking to diverse and cross-cultural gatherings, Tracey Mitchell travels throughout America and internationally. She mentors men, women, corporate CEO’s, and even homeless audiences with a message of hope and restoration. Her passionate heart for the broken-hearted looking to restart life, re-writing it with the empowering message of God’s love. As a published author of, Downside Up, Becoming Brave, and The Invitation, and is an executive producer and co-host of Life From DFW. She is vice president of the Christian Women in Media Association and is the CEO of The Winning Woman, a ministry-based consulting firm. Tracey is the founder and CEO of the THRIVE Conference in Dallas, Texas, a bi-annual conference that trains and equips leaders and entrepreneurs.

Tracey has received numerous awards. In 2008 Tracey was given “The Excellence in Communications Award” by Women in Media, in 2015 she was then presented with the “Outstanding Woman Entrepreneur Award” bestowed by the GSWB Chamber of Commerce, and in 2016, was nominated for “Texas Woman of Excellence” followed by the “Christian Literary Award” in the non-fiction category in 2019.

A world of injustice

LivingBetter50 – Angry! We all get mad and with the recent racial injustice that has dominated our world, God revealed some wisdom to you in how to deal with anger. Can you share that?

Tracey Mitchell – I have learned that sometimes our wounds bleed through our words. This last year, I found myself tangled up in an online war of words over a petty issue. I will spare you the details of the story. Suffice it to say, someone picked a fight, and I picked up my sword.

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I don’t like making mistakes. In fact, messing up leaves me in a miserable mood. I’ll be the first to tell you I’m still learning how to capture my thoughts and refine them before releasing them. After absorbing a few punches for how I’ve worded things, I’ve made progress by choosing to let my thoughts linger in my head before ever allowing them to fall from my lips. If we are to lead our culture in truth, we are not only responsible for what we say, but for how and where we say it.

LivingBetter50 – It seems sometimes that God is silent, and our prayers just never get answered leaving us feeling mystified. What has God taught you about waiting in the silence?

Tracey Mitchell – Maybe you have wondered where God is in your situation. Not in an accusing kind of way, but in a why-haven’t-you-shown-up-yet kind of way. It could be our Father wants us to find comfort in His presence, not just in His voice. Sometimes when I am going through deep trials, just having a friend show up and sit beside me brings comfort. She doesn’t have to bring words of wisdom to the table; her presence speaks volumes about her loyalty. This could be true of our Father. We don’t have to hear His voice in order to feel His presence. He doesn’t always pull up a chair beside you because He has something to say. Sometimes His presence is His way of showing you, I’m on your side.

But the LORD was with Joseph in the prison and showed him his faithful love. And the LORD made Joseph a favorite with the prison warden.” (Gen. 39:21 NLT). Divine favor defended Joseph in a way that didn’t require God to say a word. In fact, every breakthrough in Joseph’s journey came through the hands of his enemies. God never defended Joseph with talk but with action; He used his enemies to advance His son.

LivingBetter50 – We have our opinions that we all love to expel quickly today. What have you learned about the importance of listening in today’s culture of “let me tell you something?”

Tracey Mitchell – Not long ago, a friend discovered two of her friends had moved forward with a dream the three of them once shared. Now seeing that the other two had started their venture without her left her with a crushed heart. After she’d finished sharing her story, I used the remainder of the call to ramble on about how disloyal people can be, even those we consider to be trusted friends. I passed along stories I’d heard from other people and firsthand stories of my own. A good twenty minutes passed before I heard soft cries on the other end of the call. I finally quit talking and realized how far off the mark my words had fallen.

In an effort to defend my friend, I had overlooked the obvious: she didn’t need the words of a warrior; she needed the warmth of a woman with a listening ear. And if I were going to say anything at all, it should have been words of empathy and healing, not a diatribe against those who had hurt me. Since that conversation, I’ve learned to pray for wisdom before plunging into someone’s pain, so I’ll know whether to listen or to speak.

LivingBetter50 – As a TV host, an international speaker, and author what have you learned about why it is essential that we use our influence to influence others?

Tracey Mitchell – Vincent Van Gogh is considered one of the most influential figures in Western art history. In just over a decade, the Dutch Postimpressionist brought to life more than 2,100 works of art, including 860 oil paintings. But despite his enormous success, his constant struggle to make sense of life left him emotionally and mentally tormented. Haunted by fear that his expressive brushwork was out of sync with the sketches of the day, he despaired of life. As he considered walking away from the art industry, his brother, Theo, suggested a change of scenery, not for the canvas but for Vincent himself.

Vincent was the paint slinger, but Theo was a well-connected art dealer. He believed in his misfit artist brother enough to move him to Paris and introduce him to a group of free-spirited impressionists. Theo supported his brother’s work when no one understood it. Without Theo’s influence on Vincent, the world might have missed looking at Starry Night.

The trickle effect of our influence affects the world in ways we haven’t imagined. So, when I speak before women, I keep before them this truth. If we are to live out our destinies, we will have to lean into and look out for each other. Help each other. And never betray each other.

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Tracey Mitchell – Living Her Best Life