Top Picks: What to See in San Diego

By on April 10, 2019
San Diego

If you’re a lover of the beach, then you might be planning a trip to Californian coast purely for the benefit of enjoying the sun, sea, and surf. After all, California is home to some of the best surfing waves in the world – albeit also some of the toughest. San Diego is often chosen as a vacation spot not just because of its perfect beaches, but also for the culture it has to offer. For those who don’t enjoy the high-life expectation of LA, but want that same Californian lifestyle, San Diego is a great destination.

San Diego Zoo and Safari Park

It’s true that most major cities have a zoo of some description to visit, which is perfect if you have kids in tow. Sometimes it’s good to reward the little ones with something fun and interesting if the adults have spent the day taking them round an art gallery or museum.

However, San Diego’s has more to offer than just animals behind panes of glass. Their safari park has a range of experiences that are not just perfect for kids, but adults, too. They combine driving safaris with plenty of other walk-through experiences, including some adventure activities. If you have kids with tons of energy and a desire to explore, this is the place for you.  

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Balboa Park

San Diego is home to a park with a difference. Balboa Park is not only home to some stunning scenery, but it’s also full of activities. It has everything you’d expect from a park: plenty of lawns to sit and enjoy a picnic, exotic flowers, butterflies and tall, ancient trees. On top of this, it has 17 museums and cultural centers that are host to plenty of arts and crafts.

The Embarcadero

If you’re looking for a sea-facing promenade that’s full of shops, restaurants and entertainment centers, then the Embarcadero has you covered. Not only is it home to plenty of shopping opportunities, but it’s also host to popular local restaurants and pop-up eateries. In November it is also host to a food and drink festival, which is an ideal time of year to visit for any foodies who are looking to experiment with new types of cuisine. If you’re planning to curate a trip around a specific timescale that’s suited to you, then Stratos Jets Charters will help create a vacation that’s tailored to you.

USS Midway Museum

San Diego’s location on the Californian coast means it has a rich US Naval maritime history. The USS Midway Museum is a testament to that, with fascinating exhibitions which showcase some of the US’s most iconic aircraft and naval artifacts, including a real-life aircraft carrier.

San Diego has not only some of California’s most beautiful beaches but also some of its most fascinating historical sites. If you’re not a museum enthusiast, then you can enjoy plenty of retail therapy opportunities along the Embarcadero, where you’ll have some of San Diego’s best Spanish and Mexican cuisine to enjoy alongside the seafront.


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Top Picks: What to See in San Diego