Tips to Transition your Summer Wardrobe to a Winter One

By on November 1, 2012

By Wendy Lyn Phillips, Image Expert and Author of Naked to Knockout™ –

With the cooler fall air swooping the nation, it means it’s time to get the sweaters out if you haven’t already. Although living in the Florida climate, I often boast that we have really only two seasons: summer and “not-so-summer”. Sipping on cider though, reminds us that it’s time for a wardrobe change. There are undoubtedly a few things that indeed just need to be put away until spring, but from an economically savvy standpoint there’s also a lot we can continue to wear with a few tweaks. Here’s 5 smart ways to show up in style this fall and winter. Utilize what you already have in your closet and have been wearing all year, to create “new” outfits.

These are all ideas that won’t break the bank if you do need to make a purchase:

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  • Layer – Add a long sleeve shirt or turtleneck in a solid neutral color under a sleeveless dress. Consider warmer fabrics and darker colors, in general, as “in” for winter. Think of vests as a top wardrobe investment. ** This is especially important for children and men.


  • Wear Tights – Colored, textured, prints…they’re all trending and good for warmth while you keep wearing the classic dresses, skirts, or dress shorts.
  • Pair a sleek blazer with a dress or short – Stylish jackets are my #1 wardrobe investment. They really add pop, professionalism and practicality with our climate…some days it starts out cool and warms up quickly; it’s easy to remove and be more comfortable. Then other times it’s not so cool outside but inside buildings, the air is chilly. Find a style that flatters your figure and will go with multiple pieces you already have in your closet.


  • Utilize Scarves – I Love the scarf! Learn different ways to tie them for both fashion and warmth. Scarves can be a major accessory that adds the needed pop of color to solid outfits and totally compliments by pulling your outfit together. Offered in a variety of stores, sizes, and price points from as little as $5.99 to more expensive cashmere ones. Try your local discount department stores like Stein Mart, Marshalls or TJ Maxx.
  • Keep the Maxi dress; add boots – Layer a sweater over the top for a “maxi skirt”…add a bolero jacket or shawl wrap…boots or tights and voila, you’ve got a comfy, savvy winter look to a summer style.


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Tips to Transition your Summer Wardrobe to a Winter One