Tips for Preventing Sewer Backups

By on September 22, 2020
preventing sewer backups

You’ve worked hard to have a nice home. When sewers back up, they can wreak havoc on the structure of your home as well as your personal items. You’ll need to locate a plumber in Salt Lake City for preventing sewer backups. When this happens, you may be wondering who is responsible, and what can you do to avoid future problems?

Responsibility for Sewer Maintenance

The majority of issues that cause sewer backup happen along with the sewer lateral. The sewer lateral is the pipe that runs from the street to the home. This means the sewer lateral belongs to the homeowner, making the majority of sewer repairs the responsibility of the homeowner.

Some of the repairs to the sewer lateral can be costly, and it may be to the homeowner’s benefit to purchase an insurance policy to cover these repairs. The insurance will help pay for a plumber in Salt Lake City.

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Preventing Future Backups

Many sewage backups are preventable. Others may require you to update the plumbing to your home. Here are three issues you can avoid.

  •       Tree roots are a common issue as they creep into pipes. Cutting the root or treating your pipes with root killer will help control the issue. 
  •       Never dispose of paper products other than toilet paper in your plumbing. 
  •       Grease will solidify in the drain, so dispose of it in a container and place it in the trash instead of the sink.

If you continue to regularly experience issues, it may be time to replace your old pipe with a newer plastic pipe. A backwater prevention valve can be installed to prevent sewage from coming back into the house the next time you have a problem.

If You Experience a Backup

For severe backup, never attempt to clean it yourself. There are contaminants in sewage and mold could grow in areas you can’t properly reach. Always call a restoration specialist to handle backups that have gone beyond the fixture.

Call a plumber in Salt Lake City to definitely identify the issue. Contact your homeowner’s insurance provider to make a claim. It’s a good idea to have photos of your home prior to the damage occurring so you can show how the damage has impacted your home.

By utilizing a reputable plumber in Salt Lake City, you can begin to take action to get your plumbing upgraded and maintained. Nobody should have to continue to deal with sewage issues that are preventable.

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Tips for Preventing Sewer Backups