Tips for Planning and Taking a Ranch Vacation this Summer

By on May 30, 2022
ranch vacation

If you’re looking forward to taking some time off work this summer or just want a change of scenery after traveling less in recent years, it can be hard deciding where to go and what type of vacation to take. For those keen on inspiration, you might like to consider a ranch vacation option. 

Many wonderful farms are set up around the country and further afield that welcome singles, couples, seniors, and families alike and can help you have a brilliant, rejuvenating holiday this year. If you’ve never thought about planning this type of trip, check out some helpful tips to see if it’s right for you and increase the likelihood of having an excellent time.

Set Your Budget

Start by working out how much you want to spend on your vacation. There are different options at different price points, so creating a budget to keep in mind while looking at the accommodation will help you avoid overspending and wasting your time and energy looking at stays that don’t suit. Think about the total amount you want to spend on your trip and then budget a certain percentage for the ranch stay itself, which will vary according to how long you want to be away, too. 

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Consider the Type of Ranch and Facilities on Offer

There’s not just one type of ranch to consider, either. In fact, there are multiple offerings, and they all have different sorts of facilities available for guests to utilize. For example, there are real, working cattle and other ranches where you can join in and help actual workers attend to tasks on the farm, or there are places designed to provide a ranch experience but that aren’t running as a working property. 

At the former, you’ll find lower guest numbers, and you can get immersed into the environment of an operational farm and the factors that come with that, such as rounding up livestock, fixing fences, feeding animals, etc. This option is best for those who want an authentic experience.

At resort-based ranches, you’ll typically find higher numbers and levels of luxury – they’re more upscale and specifically created to provide guests with fun experiences. Many serve gourmet meals and have five-star hotel rooms and facilities such as pools, tennis courts, spas, and golf courses. These options are better if you want a taste of ranch life without having to give up any comforts. 

Also, some ranches are well set up for families, including those with younger children, while others are more focused on purely accommodating adults, sometimes even senior ones or those with physical or mental health challenges. Some places also have set, all-inclusive packages for guests to choose from, while others charge for accommodation or bed and breakfast only and then have other options to add on as you choose. Think about your various goals and needs for your time away and pick a ranch accordingly. 

Think About Location, Travel Time, and Weather

You also want to consider the location and what kind of travel time and weather comes with that. Are you looking for a complete change of scenery from what you know? If so, you may want to travel to the other side of the country, where you can enjoy vastly different weather and scenery, or even to an overseas ranch. If, though, you’re planning a shorter vacation with little travel time possible, look for ranches that are only a few hours away. 

Develop an Optimum Packing List

ranch vacationTo have the most enjoyable ranch vacation possible, ensure you pack strategically. Most properties aren’t anywhere close to a city or big town, and thus, if you forget items, you likely won’t be able to easily stock up on what’s missing, unless resort ranches have small shops on site. Give yourself plenty of time to pack and create a checklist that you can tick off as you go so you know you have everything.

Pack some quality jeans and comfortable women’s rodeo shirts or work shirts for men. Don’t forget boots you can use for horseback riding and other activities and a wide-brimmed, well-fitting hat to protect you from the sun’s glare. You’ll also want to have some layers, as temperatures can rise and fall considerably in ranch locations. Pack some lightweight base layers and a fleece jacket, for instance. A rain jacket or poncho is helpful, too. 

Don’t forget a swimsuit for water time in rivers, lakes, dams, pools, or hot tubs. Plus, you’ll want to ensure you have a smartphone, tablet, or laptop plus relevant chargers if you need or want to stay connected while away. 

Other tips for ranch vacations include carefully researching options, reading reviews and testimonials, signing up for newsletters, and reading social media posts for potentially great deals. You may want to increase your fitness level before you leave, too, if heading to a working ranch where you’ll be active for many hours per day. 

Take your time selecting the best ranch experience for your goals and needs, and then enjoy your time away in nature and among animals.

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Tips for Planning and Taking a Ranch Vacation this Summer