To Throw out the Skinnier Jeans or Not to Throw Out the Skinnier Jeans? That is the Question!”

By on September 1, 2011

By JuliAnn Stitick –

“I want to keep those “skinny” clothes in case I lose weight.” Something I hear often when I perform the delicate task of sorting through a client’s wardrobe. I say, “GET RID OF THEM!” That may seem harsh, but believe me when I say it is best for the psyche!

A large majority of the time, my clients (or women in general are either thinking about losing weight or in the process of doing so. There is a huge difference in the two. Thinking about doing it is not the same as actually taking the actions to do so. If you are in the “thinking stage” I challenge you to this…

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But, before we begin I must clarify that Skinny or Skinnier Jeans (for our purposes) means your jeans that fit great when you are at your healthiest weight. Now… on to the challenge…

Patty Manning Lennon, shares in Step One of her Happy Juice Potion- “Kill the Joysuckers- Perhaps you’ve been hanging onto a pair of skinny jeans to “motivate” you to lose the last 10 pounds.

Get honest with yourself – Do they motivate you or just make you feel bad? Most likely they act as a subtle form of punishment and it is time to give them away. There is someone that can benefit from those jeans. Release them and they will turn from your joysucker into someone else’s joy-enhancer.” I say… Those proverbial skinny (skinnier) jeans may actually be sabotaging your move from the stage of thinking about it losing weight to actually doing it!

If you are in the action stage, (standing ovation here ) I suggest you keep a few items (remember this is just my opinion) as what usually happens with my clients is when they do lose their weight they want NEW clothes. New body = new clothes!

On a similar note, as women process thru losing the weight they don’t want to waste money on buying new clothes until they hit their target. I really do get the thinking behind that, but it is a HUGE mistake! I always suggest treating themselves to one column of color (a solid colored matching top and pants or skirt). Wearing something that fits properly (and btw can be altered down) is a huge boost to self esteem and creates a positive outlook and momentum to lose more!

If you are on thinking about stepping into the healthier living process, I applaud you! Once I was sharing with a friend of mine that I was not feeling healthy. I had not been eating right or exercising. Her loving response was, “Well… we can be sitting here in three weeks and you can be complaining about the same thing or be feeling three weeks healthier.” OUCH! She was right. I admit, I am at that place of not taking the best care possible right now. A bump in my road, but fixable!

Do I need to take the actions to be healthier? Yes I do! Tomorrow it begins.. really… I am fired up and tired of feeling so-so. I do have control over how I care for myself. I admit that openly as it is also my way of being accountable to you.

Do you need to take a step (even a small one) to take better care of yourself? What is that step? Will you share it with us openly? A first step in the right direction! I’m in it with you!

For years, JuliAnn, The “Heart” of Empowered Style, has been blessed to say that she has a dream job! A recipe with the main ingredients being her passions of inspiration, fashion and organization. Whether teaching at a live event, one of her Discover Your Style Workshops, providing corporate image training or working one-on-one with a client, JuliAnn’s mission is to use her fashion expertise to show love, encourage and empower women. From the unmentionables to the accessories, JuliAnn gently and lovingly guides women in discovering their inner style and then translating that to their outer image. An image and feeling of confidence for a more fulfilling and successful life! Her Website:

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To Throw out the Skinnier Jeans or Not to Throw Out the Skinnier Jeans? That is the Question!”