Three Tricks to Help You Design the Ultimate Den

Ultimate Den

The time has finally come, the kids have all moved out of the house and for the first time ever, space is completely yours. This is the time where women over 50 design style can truly shine, and you can create the kind of rooms that work for your lifestyle, needs, and interests. And if your design style happens to call for an ultimate den, then you’re going to want to be sure you use a few tips and tricks from the experts so that you get the results you’re after.

So, let’s take a look at how you can create the ultimate den space in your house that is perfect for your style and needs.

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How Do You Plan to Use the Space?

Before you jump right into the design portion of the renovation, it’s important to stop and think about how you plan to use the den. Is this going to act as a quiet area for reading? Maybe this is meant to be a cozy room for watching TV, then again maybe you want to be able to enjoy some music and entertain a small group of friends in the space.

The way in which you plan to use the room will help to determine how you proceed with the design, décor, and layout.

What Is Your Design Style?

The next question to ask yourself is what your personal design style is? Are you the type that enjoys something warm and cozy? Maybe you like traditional furnishings and decor, then again maybe you are a minimalist at heart or it’s all about opulence and elegance. 

And while you certainly have the freedom to choose any design style, it’s also a good idea to keep flow throughout the house in mind. If you don’t want the room to be too jarringly different, then there should be some standard features that are carried throughout. That could be as simple as keeping to the same color palette as the rest of the house.

The Décor Will Make or Break the Design

Finally, there is the décor. Décor can truly make or break your design, helping to bring home the atmosphere you are trying to create, or leave you with a more jumbled disjointed effect. What this means is that décor should be well thought out, with each piece serving a purpose in the overall effect of the room. 

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If you’re having a hard time choosing the décor, go back to the original tip – which was determining the purpose of the room. Let’s say, for example, this is meant to be a place you enjoy a little soft music, a drink, and just sit back and relax. If so, décor pieces such as an old-fashioned vinyl player on display along with your record collection, some rich plush textiles for throw pillows and blankets, and even a statement area rug can all help to set the scene perfectly. 

Space You Can Truly Enjoy

These tips will help you to create a plan in designing the ultimate den that you are truly able to enjoy.


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Three Tricks to Help You Design the Ultimate Den
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