Three Reasons to Consider a Gemstone in Your Engagement Ring


Perhaps one of the most difficult steps to any engagement is picking out a ring that your partner will love (or choosing your own ring). Whilst a solitaire diamond is a classic choice for an engagement band, a gemstone can add a personal touch to your design. Whether you opt for blue sapphire or a deep red ruby, a splash of colour can make your ring stand out from the crowd.

Your choice of gemstone is really important, as you should consider the level of wear and tear that the ring is going to go through. Unlike hard diamonds, some gemstones can be prone to damage if they are below a seven rating on the Mohs scale. This scale rates minerals on their ability to scratch softer materials, and ranks them according to hardness. If your fiancée is likely to catch their ring on everyday objects, make sure to choose a gem that can withstand daily wear, like sapphires.

With a bit of thought and consideration though, gemstones are an excellent choice. Here, we take a look at why gemstones can be the perfect match for your engagement ring.

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They can show their personality 

One of the biggest reasons to choose a gemstone engagement ring is that it shows off your partner’s personality, and adds a little flair. If your future fiancée loves to wear colours and would prefer a ring that is more unique, then a gemstone can be a great choice. 

Large gemstone rings are also very eye-catching and a great talking point for anyone who will be excited to show off the newest addition to their jewellery collection. Alternatively, a smaller gemstone can be a more subtle choice than a big diamond.

Why not take a look at their birthstone and see if that is a suitable choice? Or read about the traditional symbolism behind the different gems and choose one that is meaningful to you? Despite the recommendations made by the Mohs scale, it is possible to use softer gems, but they will just require specialist care. 

Combine with diamond

If you just can’t decide between a diamond and a gemstone, why not combine the two? Choosing a trilogy setting for your engagement ring means that you have a central stone flanked by two smaller ones on either side. Not only does this mean you don’t have to choose, but you may well be able to afford a higher quality of diamond as the stones are smaller, which can reduce the cost.  

Vintage is on-trend

Gemstone engagement rings are becoming more popular as showing off your individuality and personality become more important. Plenty of celebrities has been pictured with gemstone rings, from Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, to Eva Longoria. 

Also, plenty of gemstone rings are actually vintage. Art deco period jewellery often features coloured stones along with more classic diamonds. Choosing vintage is not only a great way to get a unique ring without having to do a bespoke design, but these rings often come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Look out for rectangular cuts, square halos and triangles.

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Three Reasons to Consider a Gemstone in Your Engagement Ring
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