The Best Things to Do in Portugal for Couples in Their 50s

By on August 11, 2022

You may have heard many times that 50 is the new 30, and rightfully so. At this age, your kids are already older and more independent. And with only a few years left before your retirement, it’s the perfect time to go on vacation. If you’re wondering where to go, look no further than Portugal. It has all the right ingredients for a relaxing break – beautiful beaches, excellent food and wine, rich cultural offerings, and an incredible variety of landscapes. 

So, here are some of the best things to do in Portugal for couples in their 50s.

Spend Some Time at the Beaches

Home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, one of the best things to do in Portugal is to spend some time relaxing at its beaches. What’s good about Portugal is that no matter where you go, you will never be far from a beach. 

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The southernmost region of the Algarve is where you’ll find some of Portugal’s most beautiful beaches. Lagos, in particular, is home to stunning beaches where you can enjoy swimming and sunbathing. In the northern Algarve, you’ll find Praia de Odeceixe, a wide bay of sand with calm and shallow water. On the southern cliffs, you’ll find a stretch of sand designated for nudists and accessible during low tides. 

Alentejo is another region in Portugal famous for its beaches. One of these is Praia da Amalia in Brejão, a secluded beach that takes a bit of an effort to reach. Yet, your efforts will be worth it as the beach is gorgeous, and you can even have it all to yourself on most days. But note that there’s no lifeguard here, so you must exercise caution while in the water.

Visit The Algarve 

Touted as one of Europe’s hidden gems, the Algarve region, which lies in the south of Portugal, is not only home to beautiful beaches. It also has world-class golf courses, fun outdoor activities, and dining spots, including Michelin-starred restaurants.

Most people would go to the Algarve for its beaches. The region has over a hundred beaches covering almost 125 miles of coastline. In addition, the region enjoys several days of sunshine each year, making it one of the sunniest places in Europe. Among the most popular beaches in the Algarve are Ilha de Tavira, which lies across the Ria Formosa natural park, Meia Praia in Lagos, and Praia da Marinha, which sits between Carvoeiro and Albufeira. Aside from the beaches, there are many more things to love including the Algarve’s incredible golf resorts. It’s home to excellent restaurants serving delectable food and wine. Portugal has long been renowned worldwide for its fortified wine, called “Porto”, and you’ll find many places in the Algarve to sample this popular drink.

As a popular tourist destination, you will find a number of great hotels and resorts in the Algarve region. But for a truly relaxing stay, it’s worth checking out the perfectly placed holiday rentals in the Algarve, especially if you are traveling in a group.

Stroll Around Portugal’s Prettiest Towns 

Portugal is home to picturesque villages and towns that are a joy to explore. From coastal towns home to gorgeous beaches to small villages with whitewashed houses and red-tiled buildings, exploring these places is the best way to learn more about the local culture. 

Cascais is a former fishing village about 30 km west of Lisbon. It’s a bustling little village lapped by the Atlantic. Lined with pastel-colored buildings, artisanal shops, and boutiques, Cascais is fun to wander around. Another beautiful town worth a visit in Portugal is Peniche, a sleepy seaside town in Central Portugal. Dominated by the Atlantic, it is about an hour’s drive north of Lisbon. Here, you’ll find gorgeous beaches, with some of them ideal for surfing.

Almeida is another picturesque village you shouldn’t miss while in Portugal. Located in a vast high plain overlooking the Coa River, Almeida is a fortified village in the district of Guarda. Spend the day exploring its narrow streets lined with beautiful, ancient old buildings.

Try the Excellent Golf Courses 

Portugal is one of the world’s best destinations for golfing. The country has more than 90 courses on which you can play golf, from north to south, and they all have picturesque views! 

Portugal has various golf courses that cater to different levels of expertise. If you’re heading north, the best ones are Oporto Golf Club, Vidago Palace Golf Course, and Estela Golf. Central Portugal is also home to excellent golf courses, such as the Montebello Golfe de Viseu, Royal Óbidos Spa & Golf Resort, and Dolce Campo Real. Lisbon is also home to some of Portugal’s high-quality golf courses, which include the Penha Longa Golf Resort and Oitavos Clube de Golfe.

Enjoy a stress-free golf getaway by booking all-in golf holidays in Portugal, which offers different packages for golf-centered holidays in Portugal. These packages include complimentary shuttle service, bed & breakfast, buggies, unlimited golf, and more.

See the Albufeira Caves by Boat 

Aside from its golden beaches, Portugal’s Algarve region is also famous for its spectacular caves, which you’ll find in Albufeira. These caves are only accessible by boat or kayak. Some daredevils can choose to swim through these hidden sea caves, but boating is the safest way to explore these stunning natural formations.  

The Benagil Caves are some of the most beautiful caves in the Algarve. Set between the towns of Armacao de Pera and Carvoeiro, these caves can be best explored on a boat tour from Albufeira, taking you on a picturesque journey along the Albufeira coastline to explore the unique rock formations. Once you get inside the caves, enjoy the opportunity to wander along secluded beaches and swim in the tranquil waters for a truly unforgettable experience.

Most boat trips to the caves in Albufeira are half-day trips that will only take around three to four hours. Relax on board and enjoy the stunning ocean views between stop-offs.

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The Best Things to Do in Portugal for Couples in Their 50s