The ABCs of RV Driving: A Guide to RVs for Beginners

By on November 2, 2021
rv driving

With the COVID pandemic causing air travel to slow and wariness about staying in hotels, people have turned to other means of travel. RV road trips have become a popular way for people to get their travel fix. As a result, demand for RVs has grown. 

RVs give people the freedom to travel on their terms and experience everything this country offers while avoiding the risks of traveling during the pandemic. 

With RVs much larger in size than your average passenger vehicle, it’s easy to be intimidated about getting behind the wheel. But driving an RV doesn’t have to be scary. This article will teach you how to handle RVs for beginners so you can stay safe in your home on the road. 

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Mind Your Height and Width

RVs are divided into different classes based on their size and design. Class A is the typically big rig RV, while the smaller Class B is built more like vans. You can check out Class B and the other RV options

Regardless, these are all much bigger and wider than your average passenger vehicles. You will want to know your height clearance before you hit the road. Keep an eye out for low structures and other low-hanging objects like tree branches that could damage your vehicle. 

Some states have laws about where and how wide vehicles can drive. So it’s important to know beforehand the rules for where you will be traveling to avoid a ticket. Also, keep in mind how your width can affect those around you. 

Towable RV Driving Tips

You also have the option to buy a towable RV that can attach to the back of your vehicle. These are also typically smaller but have similar driving challenges that apply to all RVs. 

If you aren’t used to towing something, it’s essential to keep in mind the amount of weight you have behind you. You want to make sure you pack your RV to distribute the weight evenly. 

When driving or towing an RV, you will want to avoid making any quick, sudden movements or turns when towing. With any RV, giving yourself plenty of time to stop is a must. 

Taking Corners 

With large RVs, you will have to pull out farther into an intersection to create clearance for the backend of your vehicle. You will also need to drift slightly to the left to make a right-hand turn to create a better angle. So, it is important to use your turn signal to let other drivers know what direction you are moving. 

When turning, especially in tight cities, keep an eye on your mirrors and always know what is in your surroundings. If you think you are getting too close to something, it’s better to stop and check than potentially cause an accident. 

Backing up and Parking Your RV 

RVs might require you to find specific RV parking to park your vehicle. When traveling, know where you are allowed to park and avoid locations where it will be challenging to get in and out. It’s best to stick to the outskirts of parking lots to make parking easier. 

Parking an RV can be tricky, especially the first time you do it, since their size can be a lot to maneuver. Backing up can be easier in large long RVs since they react less to sudden changes. 

When backing up, rely on your mirrors and not backup cams to get a clear view of your surroundings. Towed vehicles can block your vision of what is behind you when backing into a parking space, so having someone to act as your eyes behind the vehicle can be helpful. 

RVs for Beginners Require Practice 

RVs can be a huge change if you’ve only driven in passenger cars and trucks. The simplest way to learn how to drive an RV is to practice driving in a safe, open location. Practicing and following these RVs for beginners guide, you can become a pro in no time.  

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The ABCs of RV Driving: A Guide to RVs for Beginners