Tearing Down the Wallpaper of Lies in My Mind and Watching the Prison Doors Open

By on October 1, 2013

By Dixie Diamanti –

If you have not read parts one and two of this series please read them before this one.  (Demolishing the Stronghold of My Weight With the Help of a Harley, and Breaking the Chains of My Relationship With Food~and Silencing The Voice.)

From the comment section of my last blog:

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This is exactly me right now. Watching myself, hating photographs of myself, feeling disgusted with the woman in the mirror. There are no photos in existence of me while pregnant. No family photos in the albums with me in them. I can’t go to parties because I’ve nothing to wear, deeply, deeply ashamed. My eating and the way I look affects every single aspect of my life. I eat for emotional reasons – the obvious ones, like comfort, boredom, anxiety, tiredness – but I know there’s something else deep in there that I can’t fathom. Looking for approval? Constantly concerned with what people think… I know there’s something there but I don’t know where my problems with eating began.
I so want to hear how you got past this in your journey. I’m 42 and crippled by my relationship with food. Is it possible that there’s a different life that I could live?
I know that God can do all things but I can’t see how to get out from under this. Do I not have enough faith?  The voice is always there.”

I believe this brave woman has given voice to multitudes who are secretly struggling with their body images. It is a prison. If we don’t learn how to get off the merry-go-round we will waste years of freedom with this underlying disdain for ourselves.

We must first ask God to help us see the lies that has been spoken to us for our whole lives. Where did they come from? Remember in the first of this series I shared that I didn’t have a clue what they were? I sat down by faith, picked up a pen, got a tablet and said, “Okay, Lord, what lies have I been believing about my weight?” Within the next half hour one lie after another flowed onto paper.

These lies had wallpapered my mind in this one area until I could see nothing but lies for what seems like my whole life, and I presumed they were all truth because The Voice continued to tell me they were.

When we start tearing down the lies that wallpaper our minds which keeps us imprisoned to our thoughts, the prison doors begin to swing open. It is important to remember that satan does not have the power to lock us in a prison of oppression. He tries to talk us into staying there with “The Voice” because he lacks the power to keep us there. He can’t force us into prison cells nor can he make us stay there. When we agree with him we tighten the lock on the prison doors even more.

Unbelief is deceitful. The demolition of a stronghold really begins when we expose and tear down the lies lining our prison cell.

Deception is the glue that holds the lies together because it has taken over our mind.

We are talking about our pictures of ourselves that holds up captive to our own misery. There are many lies people use as wallpaper to keep them in prison in various areas.

How about?
I am worthless.
I can’t say no.
You can’t say no.
I am not as pretty as my friends.
I am the only one this has happened to.
I can never tell or I’ll be destroyed.
I am weak.

The list goes on and on. Ask the Lord to show you what the lies are. Step out in faith and begin to write them down. Then find out what God says about you from His word.

Faith has to be incorporated. Remember you can’t see faith, and you can’t feel it either. I usually feel the opposite. Do it anyway.  Remember the Jordan River didn’t part until the priests stepped into it and probably got their feet wet. But then it parted and they walked though on dry ground.

Live as if you know you are worth your own time.

Live as if you deserve to take care of your body.

Live as if the possibilities you long to see actually exist.

If you live this way it will begin to unfold a new way of actual living in reality outside the lies. The possibilities are endless. You can really walk, talk, and eat as if you really deserve to be here.

When you have succeeded in disengaging from The Voice, and begin to walk out of your prison cell, you will reclaim your own strength to make different choices.

You can now be discerning and freely choose what is best for your health.

Without having to figure out what diet to go on (remember all diets usually will work for a season but when you wear out on it you will return to the same mind set) you can decide that maybe your body doesn’t feel good when you eat sugar.

I remember so many diets I have been on in my life that promised to be my saving grace.

This grapefruit diet will do it! How about the cereal diet? No, wait, maybe I should pay for a new kind of diet and eat only processed unhealthy foods—it will be worth the money, right?….that should do it. I know, I just won’t eat at all for a week, and then eat, and then not eat again. I’ll just deprive my body what it needs to function!!!


All these diets did was reinforce that I was indeed a failure and destined to be fat and unhealthy! How can our bodies function the way God intended when we fill them with processed, chemical filled, conglomerations of who knows what?

birdcageIt then becomes about being healthy.

Remember, anything that cheats you of what God has for you in this life could be a stronghold. He wants you free to enjoy His provisions for you spirit, soul, and body.

In the next part of this series I will be sharing about how I am learning to think of food differently now that it has no hold on me and seeing results.



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Tearing Down the Wallpaper of Lies in My Mind and Watching the Prison Doors Open