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What is an Interior Design Inspirational Board?

For starters, think of it as a collage or a collection of clippings and images of everything you love or interests you for your home.  These collages are referred to as “Inspiration” Boards because their purpose is to inspire creativity. When used in a collaborative manner between an Interior Designer and her client, it will help to communicate visually where the design process is headed.  Also called Design Boards, they are used as a reference point for the design of the space, i.e. a Living Room, Kitchen or Master Bedroom Suite. They depict the concept, often in great detail, of the finished project design.

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Why are these boards so valuable to you and to your Designer? Inspiration Boards help you recognize and express your tastes while allowing the Interior Designer to understand what excites you.  For example, perhaps you like bright colors, ornate mirrors or stars and stripes painted on old wood. They tell a story, your unique story.  An Inspiration Board helps jump start the conversation and collaboration between you and your designer on a theme or a starting point for your space.  The Designer can take what you have started and translate it into a professional presentation board and then eventually into your redesigned space that is beautiful and perfect for you. You can even create one of your own online for free at .  It can be a lot of fun and more importantly, you become actively involved in the design process of your own home! It’s also a great project to do with your daughter or granddaughter and they become involved in the process as well.

Spring is an excellent time to consider beginning one.  Purchase a foam board at a local craft store and start attaching those images that you’ve clipped from your favorite shelter magazines or even objects and attach them to the board.  Add to it as you discover more items that catch your eye. When your Designer knocks at your door for your consultation, share it with her. If you already know her, share it anyway, it will be a pleasant surprise for her either way!

Remember, your home is your HAVEN, your sanctuary. Designers work to help you find that perfect balance in your home environment, the one when you come through the door at the end of a long day and think, ahh, there’s no place I’d rather be!  Let me encourage you to begin today, because a picture paints a thousand words!

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Located in Ohio, Patti Johnson Interiors specializes in Residential Interior Design, Remodeling and has recently added Commercial spaces to her resume. Patti Johnson Interiors is also very experienced in the design and fabrication of custom window treatments. Patti has served as President of the Interior Design Society, Central Ohio Chapter, has organized design trade shows for charity and has enjoyed being a design participant in the Columbus Jr. League Holiday Tour of Homes. Serving the design community by mentoring local Interior Design Students and offering internship opportunities is one of the many ways Patti gives back as well as contributing to various publications. A lifelong student of design and architecture, she continues her pursuit of excellence and service in providing inspirational and creative design solutions for your home or business with established contractors, builders and architects. Patti’s expertise is Transforming Spaces Into Beautiful Places! Website:

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