• 5 Key Details to Know About the Cost of Medicare

    Medicare is one of the most valuable programs available to Americans over age 65. However, despite what many people think, Medicare is not free, and it does not cover 100% of medical costs. Participants are required to...

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  • Start planning
    4 Reasons Why Your 50s is a Good Time to Start Planning for the Future

    When you’re in your 50s, thoughts of the need for long-term health care and what you’re going to do when you’re unable to take care of yourself may not be high on the agenda. Your 50s, on...

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  • Retirement Taxes
    How to Pay Zero Retirement Taxes Legally

    Have you ever considered the potentially devastating impact of taxes in retirement? Most people have not because they assume they will pay less in taxes when they retire than they do during their working years. But many...

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  • Bank
    5 Places to Live Like the Rich and Famous…Without their Bank Balance

    A new report points to five top retirement destinations across the globe loved by the cream of society. They’re A-lister international retreats—in Italy, Bali, Costa Rica, Portugal, and Colombia—that everyday retirees can enjoy, too, even without a monster bank...

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  • Life abroad
    Live Your Life Abroad and Forge New Relationships

    Although you are happy that you have found a job opportunity abroad, you also feel terrible because you know that you are leaving your loved ones behind. You are saying goodbye to the place you have called...

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  • Financial Resolutions
    New Year, New You: 5 Types of Financial Resolutions to Consider

    The start of each year gives us all an opportunity to look within to figure out what’s important—and then make adjustments to our external lives based on our goals and dreams. The start of a new year...

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  • Golf Swing
    The Perfect Retirement Hobby: How to Master Your Golf Swing

    While many people look forward to their retirement years for most of their adult life, it’s common for people to become bored and restless when living a life of leisure. For this reason, you might need to...

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  • Business Owner
    Your Retirement Business

    You have put in your time and come to the point that you are looking to slow down, take a step back from your professional life and dive into retirement. Even if you have the resources to...

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  • The Piece of Retirement Planning Often Overlooked

    Planning for retirement can be overwhelming with so many things to check off of your list. When to retire? Where to safely leave your investments? With so many pieces of the puzzle to factor in, retirement planning...

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  • Are You Underrating These Retirement Costs?

    People underestimate what their costs of living in retirement will be in three critical ways: 1. Assuming you’ll spend less in retirement than while working: “The majority of people have never really sat down and calculated what...

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  • Let’s Retire Retirement

    The concept of retirement is actually quite foreign to me. I was raised by a billionaire father, and retirement was very rarely considered by those in our social circle. Even now, the most affluent Americans tend to...

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  • Top Tips For A Happier Outlook in Later Life

    Throughout life, priorities change and what may have been important back in your younger years is possibly a figment of your imagination now. As you mature, not only do these areas of your life start to change...

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