• Food Blogs
    Our Top 5 Best Food Blogs You Probably Haven’t Seen

    Food bloggers bring their love and passion from the kitchen to our screens every day. They showcase delicious recipes to make at home. Help with restaurant recommendations, and yes, get your tastebuds salivating with photos of their...

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  • Herbs
    Ancient Herbs With Modern Application

    Since the earliest times, medicinal herbs have been used to heal and promote health. The study of science and nutrition has come a long way in the understanding of how the body uses outside stimulus. Understanding the...

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  • Kabob
    Looking for the Perfect Summer Kabob?

    The dictionary defines a kabob as being cubes of meat marinated and cooked with vegetables, usually on a skewer. That definition may give people an idea of what it is, but it doesn’t explain how to achieve...

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  • Top 5 Tips for Creating Impressive Food Videos

    Cooking is a great matter in our routine life Because without cooking and I am not eaten food. Food is necessary for providing energy and different kind of vitamins. With the cooking recipes, we are changing the...

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  • Salads
    Dress your Salads with Cheese

    Spring has sprung, and what better way to celebrate National Salad Month this May than with a refreshing yet satisfying bowl of greens and cheese. Appealing to mindful eaters and foodies alike, here are an array of recipes featuring salads...

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  • Diabetes Superfood
    The ADA’s New Cookbook Helps You to Plan Your Meal

    Eating a diet rich in “superfoods” can help you manage your blood glucose and meet your health goals. That’s why the ADA’s newest cookbook not only contains more than 110 superfoods-rich recipes, but also offers 40 days...

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  • Giving Thanks for Good Health: Mr. Food’s ADA-Approved Thanksgiving Day Menu

    This Thanksgiving, you don’t have to sacrifice flavor to eat healthy. Mr. Food Test Kitchen and the American Diabetes Association offer a tempting (and diabetes-friendly) Thanksgiving menu that will satisfy your holiday cravings without derailing your meal...

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  • A Month of Sundays

    My dad was a United Methodist minister so the Sunday mornings of my childhood had a comforting sameness to them. After church, Mom would make a big lunch of comfort food. This was the only meal of the week...

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  • 10 Delicious Spaghetti Squash Recipes That You Have to Try Out

    By Lita Watson— Spaghetti squash is one of the best substitutes for pasta. This is due to its low carbohydrate levels and low caloric value while remaining highly nutritious with high fiber, mineral and vitamin content. There are...

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  • Healthy Meal Prep Ideas to Free Up Your Time

    So you want to start eating healthy? Well, let me tell you a little a secret – preparation is the key to healthy meal eating. As Man’s Fitness reports, a recent study of more than 1,300 US...

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  • Eat Mindfully
    Teaching Our Children to Eat Mindfully

    Mindfulness is about paying attention. Regarding food, it’s about our conscious awareness of the experience of eating, both outside and inside the body. We pay attention to the smells, textures, flavors, temperature, and even sounds of our...

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  • Homemade Pesto

    By Sarah Baker for Discover and Play–  Store bought pesto can be jam packed with sodium and preservatives to the point where it can feel pretty pointless to incorporate into a dish. I have a super quick...

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