• Blood sugar levels
    Managing Your Blood Sugar Levels Effectively

    Type 2 diabetes is known as a lifestyle acquired medical condition. It means that your pancreas is unable to produce enough insulin, which causes your glucose levels to increase. Nowadays, millions of people worldwide have diabetes and...

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  • Fashion
    Unveiling Your Feminine Charm: 10 Fashion Dos and Don’ts for the Summer

    The sunny warmth of the summer means shedding the bulky sweaters and boosts for a soft maxi dress and sandals. There are countless fun ways to unveil your feminine charm while looking your best on the hottest...

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  • Authentic
    Authentic Gifts For All The Family This Christmas

    It’s that time of year again, and with only a handful of weekends left before the big man in red arrives, we’re turning our thoughts to finding the most perfect authentic gifts for our loved ones. Getting...

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  • Mature Dating
    Misadventures in Mature Dating

    Romance fraud is more common than we think and it has grown by 30% each year. With divorce and families scattered around the world, loneliness is big business. In 2015, mature dating victims lost £23.3million in the...

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  • Hormone
    5 Signs That You Might Need Hormone Replacement Therapy

    Hormone Replacement Therapy also referred to as HRT, is a treatment used to reproduce specific hormones that are otherwise naturally made in the body like estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. There are many benefits to administering this treatment,...

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  • Gift
    Give a Powerful Gift to Your Loved Ones

    My sisters and I were fortunate. My mother was a very forward-thinking individual. Years before she (and my father) died, mom started going through her closets, her paperwork, her jewelry, the items in her safe, her garden area...

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  • Mobile Phone
    Choosing a Mobile Phone for Over 50’s

    Who owns a mobile phone? Chances are the majority of us will answer yes, and it’s unusual to find someone who doesn’t. Yet as we get older, some of us may find it more difficult to use...

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  • Zest
    Five Ways to Experience the Zest for Life

    ZEST! The word sounds fun . . . like you’re doing something really entertaining and engaging or are on some kind of mind-altering drug. And yet, this drug is totally legal, free, and addicting—in a healthy way....

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  • Family therapy
    Is Family Therapy Going to Help?

    It’s tough going through serious family problems. You’re lucky if you grew up in a family where you could be open about how you felt. You discuss everything freely. However, if you can’t express how you feel,...

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  • World
    A Few of My Favorite Places Around the World

    As someone who has lived on four continents and traveled to more than 60 countries, I’m often asked, “What’s your favorite place in the world?”  And I always smile because that’s an incredibly impossible question to answer...

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  • Peptides
    Potential Therapeutic Applications of Peptides

    Peptides are molecules that are created by the body. They can link together to form chains and serve numerous essential functions within the body. They can also be created in a lab. There are countless combinations of...

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  • Clothing styles
    Clothing Styles That Work for All Ages

    Everyone has a different sense of style and prefers expressing this style in different ways. While some like to dress in ways that are loud and expressive, others may prefer more laidback and subtle looks. People are...

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