Styling Your Hair in Summer

By on June 27, 2021
styling your hair

Being a silver fox is an absolute blessing that can simultaneously sometimes feel like a bit of a curse. As our hair grays, we have to start dealing with texture issues and other styling woes we may not have had before going gray. Add the summer weather to the mix, and it can be a real doozy. Fortunately, hair care has come a long way even in the last decade, and there is a myriad of products and tools out there to help you styling your hair and looking your sexiest silver. Here’s a list of dos and don’ts for your hair care routine this summer. 

Moisturize Mama

First things first, the key to protecting your perfect locks is to keep them moisturized. Grey and silver hair tend to be drier because of the natural aging process and the slowing down of the sebaceous glands on our scalps. The key to keeping your hair texture soft is to make sure you’re moisturizing. There are plenty of methods to accomplish this. You want to be using a deep moisturizing and restorative hair mask at least once a week. If your hair is especially dry and unruly, you’ll want to use one twice a month. If you’re more into a natural route of maintenance, you can do this easily with things you probably already have in your kitchen. Mixing apple cider vinegar and lemon juice diluted with a bit of water used once a week can do wonders. Shea, Olive, and Coconut oils are also great to keep your greys moisturized; just make sure you add a little at a time; like all products, you can leave your hair feeling greasy if you use too much and weighed down. 

Work Your Wardrobe 

You have been blessed with beautiful grey or white hair, which sets you apart from the crowd instantly. But, have you ever noticed what most women that look absolutely fabulous with grey hair have in common? They’re playing up their other attributes to complement the grey. One of the easiest ways to do this is through the wardrobe. Charcoal, greys, and jewel tones really make your hair that much more striking. Since it’s summer, you’ll want to stick mainly with the jewel tones and have fun with metallics like silver. Sequins are even in this year, so if you’re feeling extra sartorial, try some! Just make sure to shy away from neutrals like olive, brown, and cream, as these will wash you out.

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Stay Youthful!

Gone are the days where women with grey hair kept it short or went to the salon weekly to have it set in curls – but you already knew that. If you’re already taking care of your long or medium length and grey locks, there is no reason why you can’t have fun with different ways of styling your hair. Stay youthful and master the art of messy styles. With summertime comes travel, beach days, and a lot of wind while we’re outside. Make bobby pins and hair ties your best friend. Watch some online tutorials on how to braid and different “easy updos” to keep your hair looking chic while you’re enjoying time outside and being active. Learning these styling skills will end up going a long way for you year-round really. 

Shine Bright

Whether you’re already full grey or you’ve got a good amount of grey strands sprinkled through your natural hair color, it’s always a good idea to start using the right styling products to keep whatever grey you have looking its best. Grey hair tends to take on a yellow or brassy tint pretty quickly, so you want to be using a shampoo and conditioner made specifically for gray hair. These products also contain nutrients like Vitamin E to moisturize and biotin to prevent breakage. Protecting your hair from the beginning with these things goes a long way. When it comes time to style, though avoiding heat is advised often, it’s not always possible. Make sure you’re using a leave-in treatment after washing your hair and then another leave-in moisturizing cream as you blow out. If you’re using any additional tools to straighten or curl, make sure you’re using a protective oil like argan or Moroccan. 

Applying these easy steps to your hair care routine will not only keep your hair from looking thirsty all summer long, but they’ll also keep your natural beauty shining year-round. So, congrats to you for mastering the art of being a silver fox! Now, go play this summer!

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Styling Your Hair in Summer