First Style Goal: Confidence

By on July 1, 2011

By Pamela Lutrell –

I stood transfixed. I just couldn’t believe what I held in my hand. It was as if I had never seen this woman before. What happened?

My new driver’s license picture for my 50th birthday brought home a harsh reality and a flood of emotions. Though I stood before a mirror every day, I saw what I had become for the first time that day.

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Finally, my eyes were opened. I knew then that I did not want to go through the second half of my life as that tired, aged, frumpy, lifeless woman.

That was almost eight years ago, and so much has happened since then. I am not a Meryl Streep Devil-Wears-Prada Fashion queen…you will not find an Anna Wintour behind my oversized sunglasses…or a pencil thin Heidi Klum fresh off the runways in Paris. What you will read about are real women just like yourself seeking to look their best and have fun with fashion.

My style blog began about one year ago, but was actually the culmination of a long journey. While I was assisting friends with their style choices and makeovers, one of my dearest friends one day said…”You need to write a blog“. Hmmm, I pondered it…tried it…and have loved getting to know women who want to discuss their own personal style and how to live life with joy.

CONFIDENCE IS ATTRACTIVE. The goal is to become more confident in your skin and your clothes, so that you live with confidence and strength. Confidence is important not just for advancement in the professional world, but also if you are in the PTA; homeroom mom; a world traveler or involved with a ministry or church group. Whatever hats you wear…you are going to see more success at what you do with more confidence in your back pocket!

Once I became confident and strong about ME….at the age I am….at the size I am….then things began to happen! It has been so much fun for this almost 58-year-old to get to know incredible women literally all over the world.

Remember, CONFIDENCE IS ATTRACTIVE. JOY IS ATTRACTIVE. Next post, I will discuss how I went from Point A to Point B. I am certain some of you are sitting at POINT A today, where I started seven years ago.

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About Pam@over50feeling40

During the 1980s, Pam Lutrell left a thriving public relations career to be a wife and mother. At the age of 47, she began to teach high school journalism and prepare for life at middle age. After a huge wakeup call on her fiftieth birthday, Pam made some significant changes in her life and today has added several awards as a teacher, freelance writer, lifestyle blogger, and public speaker to her resume. She is having the time of her life with her developing fashion & style blog for middle aged women….women of strength, dignity, and joy! Find her also at Twitter: Over 50Feeling 40 Facebook: Over50feeling40; and bloggers for, The San Antonio Express News.

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First Style Goal: Confidence