Stress Relief

By on September 1, 2011

By Dr. Jo Anne White –

Do you know how to get the stress relief you really need?

No matter what the details of your life are all about, finding ways to handle your stress is necessary and life-supporting. It’s important to your health and to your performance whether you’re tending to your personal matters or speaking in a boardroom.

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To manage your stress you need to choose what fits your personality and your lifestyle.

Seek stress relief strategies tailored to your schedule, your interests and your temperament.

To decide what you need, consider what works best for you when you’re maxed out.

Are you someone who needs physical exercise like working out at a gym, speed walking or bicycling to burn off all your nervous energy? Maybe they don’t suit you at all, and only agitate you even more.

Perhaps you prefer soft music to soothe your jittery nerves or strolling in a park of greenery.

Does deep breathing or reading a novel help you momentarily move past your troubles and give you time for solace?

Decide what calms you and helps you forget your troubles. Next figure out what activities you enjoy that can come to your aid when you need some stress relief.

The idea is to do something that can take you away from the stressful situation. When you do, you give your mind and body time-off from and recovery time so you’re not always living in fight or flight mode that puts strain on your adrenals. You return to the problem more relaxed, with better ability to focus and often with a way to solve it.

Effective stress relief can make life easier.

You may need to develop new habits that distract you from the pressures and stressors in your life. They help you change your reaction and relationship to each stressful situation. You learn to respond differently and with better ways to cope that can have a more lasting effect on you and on how you view each challenge that pops up. You owe it to yourself to put stress relief at the top of your priority list, rather than as an afterthought.

We’re bombarded with stress daily without considering the damaging effects and the toll it puts on our lives, our health and our loved ones.

Find stress reduction techniques that benefit you. There are so many forms of stress relievers like breathing exercises or talking over your challenges with a supportive friend. Humor and laughter can also alter your mood and make you feel better fast.

You can even bring peace and calm into your home and work environments. Surround yourself with beauty and with scents like lavender that soothe and offer relief.

Stress is a serious matter that needs your commitment and attention.

No matter what situation or challenge you face, come prepared with an arsenal of remedies and strategies to help you feel strong and equipped to handle them.

International author and speaker, Dr Jo Anne White, is a Certified Life, Leadership and Business Coach, and energy intuitive who specializes in innovation and transformation. For over two decades she’s been applying and teaching the Law of Attraction, using the principles to enrich the lives and businesses of herself and her clients. Dr. White also hosts the Power Your Life Radio Show and will soon debut her new book: Mastering the Art of Success. Her website,,  Facebook and LinkedIn.

About Dr. Jo Anne White

Dr. Jo Anne White is an International Author and Speaker, Certified Professional Coach and Energy Intuitive who gets to the heart of what matters most to businesses and people. She specializes in Innovation, Transformation and Energy Medicine. For over two decades she’s been applying and teaching the Law of Attraction, using the principles to enrich the lives and businesses of her clients. Her website,

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Stress Relief